Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ted Cruz's Camp: Told You Trump is a Liberal in Disguise

I have to admit this is fun. I'm kind of torn in a way. I don't really believe Trump has pivoted and it's clear what he's trying to do. Have it both ways.

Hillary's Alt Right speech today is intended not to let him get away with that.

It's sort of like Josh Greenan put it. There are two kinds of Trump supporters.

1. Those who love him because they believe he'll do everything he says he will because 'Believe me.'

2. And those who love him because they don't really believe he'll do 90% of the crazy stuff he talks about.

What Trump is doing now by trying to introduce some ambiguity is calculated to help with 2 but hopefully not hurt him with 1. If he can somehow both please 2 and not bother 1 at all he can have it both ways.

Hillary's speech is to make sure he doesn't reassure 2. As far as 1, Trump is getting some shade. Ann Coulter is saying this is the one thing that could make her rethink her absolute trust in Trump.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz''s team, not surprisingly is throwing shade:

"Team Cruz on Trump’s immigration shift: Told you so"

"The conservative senator, eyes on 2018 and 2020, warned voters Trump was a liberal in disguise."

"And as Ted Cruz eyes his 2018 reelection bid, with some of his supporters holding out hopes for a 2020 presidential run, Cruz world feels vindicated."

"Everything Trump promises comes with an expiration date,” said Cruz’s former Senate communications director, Amanda Carpenter. “We knew it during the primary, and now it is apparent he has duped his most loyal supporters on the issue they care about most, immigration. Don't say we didn't warn them."

"The Texas senator has been dealing with plenty of political fallout of his own after refusing to endorse Trump in his speech at the Republican National Convention, a move that generated anger among Trump supporters nationally and has stoked chatter of a primary challenge against Cruz in Texas."

"But Trump’s rhetorical contortions on immigration this week are giving Cruz supporters in and around his orbit more hope that anger over the RNC speech, and over his broader opposition to Trump, will fade. They are optimistic that the deeply conservative Cruz will emerge from November looking prescient in his warnings that Trump couldn’t be trusted to defend core GOP values, and say that Trump’s shifting on immigration language this week only proves Cruz’s point."

“It vindicates the speech, it vindicates what Ted Cruz warned would happen during the course of the campaign,” said Chris Wilson, the director of research, analytics and digital strategy on Cruz’s campaign and a top Cruz adviser who has always argued that the RNC speech would be remembered favorably. He went on to add, “I do think, yes, the immigration point is another data point that he was right, it’s another data point that leads people to understand Ted Cruz knew what he was talking about, he was making the right decision.”

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Here's what Rush Limbaugh himself has to say:

"Could you imagine what it's like to be Jeb Bush today? Who knew -- (laughing) I'm sorry, folks. "She's a bigot!" Who knew. First they tried Marco Rubio. They tried the Gang of Eight. They tried Jeb Bush. They tried any number of people to convince -- they tried me! They sent emissaries to the EIB Network Southern Command. They tried everybody they could think of to try to convince the Republican base to support some form of amnesty for illegal immigrants, and -- (laughing) -- sorry -- who knew -- (laughing) -- I know it frustrates you to hear me laughing. Sorry."

"Let me regain my composure. Who knew that it would be Donald Trump to come out and convert the GOP base to supporting amnesty the same week Ann Coulter's book comes out. Poor Ann. Oh, my God, she's got this book In Trump We Trust, and in it she says the only thing, the only thing that could cause Trump any trouble whatsoever is if he flip-flops on abortion or on immigration, goes amnesty. It looks like he's getting close to it, and she's just beside herself with this. I mean, what timing."

"Okay. Now, some of you might be a little perplexed at my comment about Trump being the Republican to come along and convert the Republican base to supporting amnesty. We will explain this as the this program unfolds. I'm gonna tell you, Ted Cruz and the Cruz supporters are all over the place out there, in Politico. Cruz is saying (paraphrasing), "We told you, we told you, we told you that every Trump policy has an expiration date, and it looks like Trump's immigration policy has just expired and he is now adopting the policy that we all had."

"And Jeb Bush is out -- well, is it Jeb actually saying it or somebody saying it for Jeb? Yeah, Trump is out saying, "Don't doubt me on this, I'm gonna fix it." And they said, "Well, that's exactly what Jeb Bush said. Jeb Bush's immigration policy is exactly what Trump's articulating now, including saying, 'Trust me, I'll fix it.'"

Indeed. Though I still maintain, Trump has not changed his position as he, Katrina Pierson, and Kellyann Conway continue to maintain.

Greg Sargent as the key point:

"Why won't anyone interviewing Trump advisers ask: "Would he back changing law so undocumented can get legal status without leaving first?"
That is the key. The answer to that based on anything he's said-and what his website still says-is no. 

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