Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler: A Serious Comparison

I've called him Hitler 2.0 since the general started. Scott 'Landslide' Adams, super genius of three dimensional chess who has predicted a Trump landslide claimed Trump has these incredible Master Persuader skills.

However, clearly Hillary and her team have some pretty persuasive skills of their own.

1. Scott Adams has endorsed Hillary for 'his personal safety.'

2. Regularly disables his blogs comments now.

Who knew Dilbert was a fascist?

Tom Brown has made a lot of sport of Scott Adams on Twitter.

Tom has thoughtfully made up business cards for ole Landslide:

Adams blocked me this last weekend and after Tom showed him the business cards, he blocked him as well.

In all seriousness, I do think there is a real question here. Yes, there is Godwin's Law but rules are made to be broken. 2016 is the year to break this rule.

"How dare you compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler! Haven't you heard of Godwin's Law?"

"Let's talk about this. There's a cultural taboo against considering Nazi ideology in the context of present day politics. Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler by Horace Bloom confronts this taboo with responsibility, entering into a serious examination of the political histories of the Third Reich and our own time. Bloom's work isn't a diatribe, but carefully pays attention to both the similarities and differences between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, and the contexts in which they have risen to power."

"With the spread of political violence in the United States, and growing extremism in the 2016 presidential election, the comparison between Trump and Hitler has become unavoidable. However, a presidential candidate as breathtakingly original as Donald Trump deserves more than just a snigger here and a snide remark there. Horace Bloom delivers a powerful review of the relevance of the darkest days the 20th century to the essential decisions we are faced with in our own time."

"Don't cast your vote in the 2016 presidential election without confronting the complex web of connections between Trump and Hitler."

It's a legitimate question. There are differences but the similarities are clear. He has already brought many illiberal strains that we never thought we'd see in an American election.

From 'Lock her up' to joking about assassinating Hillary. Note that a subset of Berners also liked the 'Lock her up!' chant.

But everything Trump has said and done from targeting Muslims and Latinos in the way that Hitler targeted Jews, to the fact that Trump keeps a copy of Hitler's speeches by his bed, it's the fact of similarities that are what we have to focus on now.


  1. Thanks for all the mentions Mike. So this is the promised post, right? And regarding Trump and Hitler, there's also the Putin/Stalin parallel. Remember the Hitler/Stalin pact that surprised everyone? Yeah, that didn't go so well, I know. Or if you consider that perhaps Trump is Putin's "bottom" (to use gay slang) perhaps because Trump's in debt, dumber than Putin or whatever, then perhaps the best comparison of Trump is to Quisling!

    Also, RedSate, TheResurgent, RightTurn (Rubin) and RightScoop are all target rich environments for stories to share today. I haven't checked out National Review yet.

    1. Other than Trump's ridiculous speech yesterday (which they all pan) they mention Roger Ailes now rumored to be working directly for Trump's campaign (which Trump denies, Lol).

      I was trying to joke that Ailes agreed to sign on as long as he could have private meetings with Melania, Ivanka, Tiffany and Katrina Pierson. =)

      Not to be outdone, Bill Cosby has also agreed to sign on to help with Trump's outreach to the black community, but he too insisted on private meetings with these women! Hahahaha

      Whatja bet this shows up in somebody's late night routine? Bill Maher's on vacation for a month, so the job falls to Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Colbert or one of the others I guess (Wilmore's show has maybe one or two nights left before it's cancelled)

    2. No problem Tom. All you have to do in return is remember to RT all my blog links on Twitter! LOL.

      Seriously the more the merrier on that.

    3. Mike, I always do try to do that. Sometimes I miss a few. Also, I sometimes take a break from twitter! Lol.

    4. You haven't taken many breaks lately. LOL.

      You have taken to it like a fish to water.

  2. Mike, you might like this: I share with Sumner commentator "msgkings" my concept for what Art Deco and E. Harding must look like:

  3. Replies
    1. You've see those pics before: Scowling (not smiling!) Grinch for Deco, and lunatic w/ rifle guarding "Trump's wall" for Harding.