Saturday, August 20, 2016

Donald Trump Proposes the Most un-American Idea in Presidential History

One of the things that you despair about sometimes is the media's propensity for false equivalence. This election has tested the media and many in the media have risen to the challenge. As Jay Rosen says, Trump must be covered differently because he's a singular threat.

Ezra Klein:

"Increasingly, the press doesn’t even pretend to treat Trump like a normal candidate."

Rosen replies: … True. He's a civic emergency.

Still, there are a lot of media flacks who really don't like this. Chris Cillizza you can see tries very hard not to do too many negative Trump pieces-and when he does one, he right away does one about Hillary's emails to balance it out.

This is literally the only issue Hillary haters really push.

Ali Vitali who covers Trump-maybe she fears losing access?-made this absurd comment yesterday:

"This is a good point - and could be a pitfall. But that also goes for all candidates, not just Trump."

See that? Trump is just another normal candidate. He has no track record that would make you more skeptical of something he says as opposed to any other candidate.

With Trump's Muslim ban, I keep hearing that he's moderated that or put that on the backburner-if something is on the backburner it's still in play.

His ideology test speech the other day was treated as a pivot from the Muslim ban!

Trump has talked about some differently framed proposals none of which are mutually exclusive and are actually all fairly complimentary:

1. A Muslim database

2. A Muslim immigration ban

3. A ban of immigration from countries with ISIS terrorism

4. Now his ideology test, that he now indicates would not just be for all immigrants but even for citizens.

All of this is consistent with greatly reducing the number of Muslims in the country.

In theory one or more of these policies could all be in effect. 1 and 2 are not the same policy but highly complimentary.

Number 3 is a way to get to 2 that has a slightly less alarming framing.

But in a sense, 4, is the most expansive attack on our civil rights as a nation yet. Especially now that he confirms that citizens too will be subject to an ideology test. That in theory could mean anyone of us could be subject to deportation-though you suspect, those who would be mostly would look a certain way.

Muslims and perhaps Latinos would quite likely be the focus but in theory it could apply to many more groups.

"Three times in the past two days, Donald Trump has stood inside meeting halls before a teleprompter and tried on his Serious Candidate hat. And the harder he tries to prove to us that he should lead America, the more frightening the prospect of his victory becomes. On Tuesday, he lectured an all-white audience about "law and order" and the Democrats taking black voters for granted, all while standing just 40 miles from a Milwaukee simmering with racial tension following the recent fatal police shooting of a young black suspect. The day before that, Trump gave a speech about foreign terrorism that introduced us to something called "extreme vetting," a policy with echoes of McCarthyism that intelligence expert Malcolm Nance called "the single most un-American thing I have ever heard."

Trump is the most un-American Presidential candidate we've ever seen a major party nominate. His aspiration is to become the American Caesar.

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