Saturday, August 20, 2016

After Pivot, Trump Releases a Pete Wilson Style anti Immigration Ad

Remember Pete Wilson's notorious 'brown hordes' immigration ad in 1994 and how in the long term this led to the GOP becoming extinct for statewide office in California?

Donald Trump's first ad of the general election campaign came right out of that playbook:

"Donald Trump is out with his first TV ad of the general election, and it’s predictably despicable: an image of “Hillary Clinton’s America” being flooded with refugees and “illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes” while “the system stays rigged against Americans.” The ad has drawn comparisons to the infamous anti-immigrant ad that California Gov. Pete Wilson ran in 1994 as he was trying to push through a ballot measure imposing draconian penalties on undocumented immigrants."

"The ad, also unsurprisingly, cites the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the group whose reports provide a constant stream of ammunition to anti-immigrant politicians despite its troubling roots in white nationalism and history of skewing the facts."

"The CIS citation comes about 10 seconds into the ad, when the narrator warns that in Clinton’s America, “illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay, collecting Social Security benefits, skipping the line.”

"The ad’s citation appears to be referring to an April 14 CIS article on the implications of U.S. v. Texas, the Supreme Court case on President Obama’s DAPA and expanded DACA executive actions, which extended temporary deportation relief to some people brought to the country as children and some of their parents. This appears to be where the Trump campaign got the “collecting Social Security benefits” line, which it dishonestly links to its smear of “illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes” (the DAPA and DACA programs bar people convicted of most crimes from eligibility). Those who receive eligibility to work under the programs do become eligible for Social Security, which they pay into like nearly every other American worker, under rules that existed long before President Obama took office."

"It’s telling that the Trump campaign is getting its arguments about immigration policy from CIS. The group is one of a large network of anti-immigrant organizations started by John Tanton, an activist with white nationalist leanings and a troublingly extreme “population control” agenda including such things as supporting China’s brutal one-child policy."

"CIS itself is more conservative in its rhetoric than its founder—allowing it to gain a foothold among members of Congress and others eager for research supporting an anti-immigrant agenda—but the agenda it promotes is one that demonizes immigrants."

"As we noted in a recent report on CIS and its fellow Tanton-linked organizations, CIS has been a proponent of the idea “that instead of embracing a moderate position on immigration in order to win back Latinos who favored George W. Bush, the GOP should put its energy and resources into expanding its popularity and increasing turnout among white voters, in part by scapegoating people of color”—a strategy that Trump’s campaign is putting to the test."

In other news, Trump says African-Americans should vote for him, as they have nothing to lose.

"Trump truly a different kind of Republican:goes to white suburbs to tell white supporters blacks are living subhuman lives in inner cities."

"None of this is outreach. It's an attempt at a standard tactic of faux outreach to assuage moderate/educated white GOP voters that the..."

"candidate isn't racist. But they can't even stay in character long enough to make it work on those terms."

Jamil Smith:

"There’s at least one disastrous Trump comment per week. Telling all black voters that we all live in poverty and are unemployed qualifies."

"This is Trump's SALES PITCH to black voters, ostensibly. Telling us we're dumb, broke suckers who have no jobs is the best he could do."

"We already know he’s not speaking to us. It’s disastrous because it will turn off a lot of white voters, too."

There's a reason that David Duke is so inspired by Donald Trump's campaign he's running for the Senate-not House, but the Senate.

Hillary tweeted:

"This is so ignorant it’s staggering."

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