Tuesday, August 16, 2016

GOP Continues to Wallow in Illusion

They simply never learn. Brian Beutler had a good piece about this yesterday: some conservatives are actually blaming the rise of Donald Trump on Paul Krugman! Wish I was joking.

The idea seems to be that liberals exaggerated the criticism of Mitt Romney so this desensitized Republican voters to criticism of Donald Trump.

That is absurd on many levels beginning with the fact that Mitt Romney himself embraced Donald Trump full throatedly in 2012. It is also a very impressive case of passing the buck. Are Republican voters incapable of making any choice unless it's the opposite of what they believe liberals want them to do?

In a way it shows that Krugman and friends have tremendous power: basically just say the opposite of what they want conservatives to do and then, wallah! As Beutler points out, liberals were the ones who realized early that Trump would appeal to GOP voters.

There are many different gradients of lies GOPers are telling themselves. Morning Joe says Trump is a one off. This is just not true. You can't get around the fact that GOP primary voters voted for this guy.

"Why Trumpism Will Outlast Donald Trump."

"Think he doesn’t represent anything besides himself? Turns out a whopping 65 percent of white Americans say they’d support a nativist third party."

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My guess is you will see-at least-three distinct brands of GOPers in 2017-18.

1. The Paul Ryan wing.

2. The Ted Cruz wing.

3. The Donald Trump wing.

All will castigate the other two and have a good point but each will believe itself blameless.

Scott Walker voiced another illusion in Wisconsin yesterday.

"Donald Trump will be elected the next president of the United States if he can keep the attention of the public and the media on Hillary Clinton and not on "sideshow issues," Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday, offering praise for the Republican nominee's Monday speech on defeating terrorism."

"In Walker's state, where Clinton led Trump by 15 points among likely voters in the latest Marquette University poll, the race has been "a roller coaster," he remarked on "Fox & Friends."

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Sideshow issues. Yes, forget the fact that this man has called for the jailing and execution of his opponents and that he doesn't believe in free speech-and wants to have an ideology test to ferret out Muslims-and has an itchy finger for the nuclear codes-so we can talk more about her private emails.

As Jennifer Rubin warned her fellow Republicans, demonizing Hillary is not enough.

The GOP needs to get it that this email story is not enough to somehow jam Americans into election the American Caesar.

Another illusion is that any other GOPer could have beaten Hillary easily. No. The Democrats would still have some major structural advantages. Sure, Trump is doing worse than Romney who had a unified party behind him. But he still lost by 140 electoral votes.

A generic Republican is always up against it vs. a generic Democrat in a Presidential race.

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