Wednesday, August 24, 2016

'Softening' and 'Regretful' is not a Policy Change

The media is now taking and running with the idea that Trump has softened his immigration approach. He has ruled out deporting 12 million people full stop.

They think this because:

1. There was some reference to this at a private meeting with some Hispanic GOPers on Saturday.

2. He used the word 'softening' last night on Hannity, who's sort of the Kremlin stenographer at this point.

But we have no basis to know if his position has really changed.

I prefer to judge Trump this way.

1. Not believe anything he says without independent verification.

2. If he has given out multiple positions assume the worst one is his. Is this fair? Yes. To do otherwise would be giving him the benefit of the doubt which he never merits.

Anyway, Greg Sargent gets it:

TRUMP: "I regret _____ and I'm opening to softening by doing _____." 

HEADLINES: "Regretful Trump softens approach"

Yesterday Kellyann Conway told us not to worry about mass deportations as he 'Hasn't talked about them in awhile.'

That's another version of giving him the benefit of the doubt which is never merited in his case.

If you look at what he's now saying, there hasn't been any huge reversal or change.

"The Washington Post politics team has a great piece of reporting this morning that goes deep into Donald Trump’s evolving strategy to prove he’s not a “racist.” It includes planned trips to African American neighborhoods, and possible attacks on Hillary Clinton over her support for the crime bill in the 1990s."

If he attacks her on the 1994 crime bill, I can promise you it won't be accompanied with his own policy prescriptions on the subject.

How does someone who is running on Law and Order circa 1968 who argues that the police are being abused also attack the 1994 crime bill as being too draconian?

"Meanwhile, many news organizations are reporting that Trump is signaling a “softening” of his mass deportation stance. That hasn’t actually happened yet — Trump has still not clarified whether he’s actually open to legalization in any meaningful sense, which is the core question here — but still, he’s starting to get some of the headlines he wants."

As Sargent goes on to say, Trump is not serious about winning the Black vote but winning back a lot of the lost white vote the GOP normally gets.

So another way to look at it is this is an elaborate attempt on his part to get back the where Mitt Romney was in 2012. 

Trouble is, Mitt Romney lose by over 140 electoral votes. 


  1. RW Twitter radio host from Georgia I follow now, cued me into this audio "love letter" from one of Trump's more unhinged supporters:

  2. This is great fun: Trump stirring up trouble between Perry & Cruz:
    I'm especially interested to see what Erickson and the RedState people doe with that (especially Susan Wright). Susan is an unabashed Perry fan ready to forgive him for his Trump embrace... and same with Erickson and a number of other on both websites.

    But they all ALSO ***LOVE*** Cruz, so to see Perry vs Cruz with Perry backed by Trump will be oh so very very entertaining to witness as it plays out on the pages of RedState and TheResurgent.

  3. "with pre-medication" ... hilarious!:

    That's an Archie Bunkers style "malaprop" ... my mom's friend used to do those all the time. For example, she once was talking about her "fire distinguisher" and another time told my mom to get gas at the next "testicle station"