Thursday, August 25, 2016

Remember When Libby Dole Ran the Red Cross in 1996?

Neither does the media.

"Elizabeth Dole ran the Red Cross, accepting donations, while husband Bob ran for president in 1996. Not a peep of concern from anyone."

When ever you try to provide any context for any faux Clinton scandal the media always objects. One of the Clinton Rules is that you can't ever compare what the Clintons do to what their opponents do, what other politicians do, what anyone has ever done in history.

You only compare them with Jesus Christ. Trump? He gets compared with his worst comments. So if he says he has 'regrets' or uses the word 'softening' the media genuflects before him in admiration.

If you say there's a Right wing conspiracy, that a wonderful organization like the Clinton Foundation is only being attacked because:

1. Hillary is a Democrat

2. She is a Clinton

3. And she's running for President

the media will scoff.

Yet how do they explain Libby Dole and the Red Cross? That was the exact same scenario with the same 'potential for conflict of interest.'

And how do they explain George H.W. Bush? The Clintons have already said they would no longer take foreign donations if she's elected. That's not enough for the bloodthirsty media who could care less about the 11.5 million AIDs victims who get affordable drugs through the CF.

They demand it's shutdown now. We see they didn't do this with Dole and the Red Cross in 1996. Then there were too busy with Vince Foster and Whitewater.

But during the Bush Sr. Administration we had what the media says is literally the most appalling conflict of interest in American if not earthly history. A sitting President with a charitable foundation in his name accepting donations as happened with Bush's Thousand Points of Light organization.

This was never an issue.

"and another thing: GHW Bush created and promoted the Points of Light Foundation while president. Not a peep of concern out of anyone."

Then there's Colin Powell. Powell, we know also used private email, but that's ok as he's not a Democrat and not a Clinton. The media falsely claims he didn't use it for most of his work emails. This is false as we saw in the State Department report which came out a few months ago.

Another thing Powell has in common with Hillary? His wife also ran a philanthropic organization that took donations while Powell was SOS. Yep, that generated no outrage whatsoever.

"and Alma Powell, Colin's wife, was chair of America's Promise, accepting huge corporate donations while Powell was Bush's Sec of State."

We know why that is: Powell is not a Democrat and not a Clinton.


  1. Nice job reminding us of the other presidents, secretaries of state who also had foundations that accepted large corporate donations. Always different "Clinton Rules". Working to obliterate the party which offered up this grifting, white nationalist, con man and take back both houses in D.C. and lots of state and local governments. Thanks, Mike.

  2. You're very welcome. Do we follow each other on Twitter?