Monday, August 22, 2016

Breitbart Exclusive: 'Trump Did not Succumb to Amnesty Activists

On Saturday night the media swooned over a Trump etch a sketch report.

Breitbart-who should know as they run Trump's campaign now-assures the Trumpsters there's no truth in this:

"A senior staffer at the Republican National Committee (RNC) told Breitbart News Saturday GOP presidential candidate Donald J. Trump did not say or suggest that he was open to granting any legal status–amnesty–to any illegal aliens in the United States at his campaign’s National Hispanic Advisory Council meeting as reported in BuzzFeed and Univision."

“Mr. Trump did not say he was in favor of legalization,” said Helen Aguirre-Ferre, who joined the RNC staff to help coordinate outreach to the Hispanic community and act as the GOP Hispanic communications director. Aguirre-Ferre told Breitbart News that she is Hispanic, but not a member of the advisory council. Her role was to help arrange the meeting and attend on behalf of the RNC."

"Anyone at the meeting, held at Trump Tower, who got the impression that Trump had changed his position on foreigners in the United States illegally misinterpreted his remarks, she said."

“What Mr. Trump said was very clear,” she said. “Some folks talked about legalization, not citizenship, for the undocumented, Mr. Trump did not say he was in favor of legalization. Some folks may have felt that he was open to it–and he gave zero indication of that.”

"Aguirre-Ferre’s debunking of the reports in both BuzzFeed and Univision is an embarrassment to both progressive outlets, and echoes what the Trump campaign has said."

Here's the irony. I don't think Buzzfeed and Univision are acting at all progressive by amplifying a baseless idea that Trump is Mr. Kind and Gentle on immigration now, that he's done a 180 on current undocumented immigrants and none of them have anything to worry about anymore.

They say that great minds think a like. In any case, it seems me and the Clinton team think alike as they also quoted Breitbart!

Adrain Carrasquillo takes issue with them doing this:

Clinton camp citing Breitbart, confusing and priceless."

Why is this confusing and priceless? Breitbart is now running the Trump campaign. They would know as well as anyone would.

"Clinton camp betrays concern about Trump immigration pivot here when whole issue has caused him probs on the right weird to comment again."

Not really. What's weird is why Carasquillo can be this confident about Trump truly changing his view on current undocumented immigrants based on what a few other people in the room with Trump said privately.

Sahil Kapur gets it:

"One thing I've learned: It's hard to pin down Trump's policy specifics based on his own rhetoric, let alone second hand in a private mtg."

Carrasquillo is acting 100% confident about this second hand source in a private meeting.

What he misses is Josh Greenman's point that Trump has two kinds of supporters.

1. Those like Breitbart who believe everything he says.

2. And those who support him because they assume he means little of what he says.

"Everything I say I'm going to do, folks, I do" Trump is colliding with "Everything is a suggestion" Trump.

Even if class 1 Trump supporters are upset, this might give cover for class 2 supporters to vote for him.

This is why I maintain that Carraquillo and Univision have been very irresponsible by overselling this.

They're giving him the space to have it both ways:

"Donald Trump 'wrestling' with how — and whether — to deport 11 million people from U.S."

Remember there are all sorts of intermediate position. What the GOP operatives had said Saturday was simply that he was 'open' to not deporting everybody. That could still logically mean 10 million even if you-for some unknown reason-chose to take this second hand account as gospel as Carraquillo has for some unknown reason chosen to do.
Now Kelly Conway tells us what Trump will do 'Is yet to be determined.' Before the election? Or like with his taxes and the Trump U case, is this supposed to be after he's been elected?

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