Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Peaceful Regime Change vs. Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing

Kellyann Conway insists that she knows nothing about any 'Alt Right.' Trump for his part knows nothing about any 'white supremacists' and claimed to never even have heard of David Duke. 

The Alt Right itself is trying to help out Trump. They insist that they just like the guy even though he's not a 'racialist' like them.

Over 50% of Trumps RTs just so happen to be from white supremacists.

I can't help it if the Alt Right happens to be my base. 

Or consider Richard Spencer. He's a Trump supporter who just happens to be a proponent of peaceful ethnic cleansing. 

Which is quite a conicidence: Trump believes in a 'peaceful regime change.'A regime change of race?

Overall, it was a masterful job by Ms. Hillary Clinton. She's giving GOPers permission not to vote for Trump. She name checked lots of Establishment GOPers. 

"Big problem for Trump: Every single person HRC is calling out by name will LOVE it and take every TV interview request they get this week."

"This speech is brutal for Trump. But if you're Milo, or Farage, or Jared Taylor, or even WhiteGenocideTM, this is Christmas in August."

One more thing the Alt Right believes and that Trump doesn't believe though they support him?

"Race is not a social construct it is a biological fact...they differ in average levels of intelligence"

Trump doesn't agree with any of that. It just happens to be the case that those who support him all do.

I know nothing about any white supremacists.

Fred Trump sure did.

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