Thursday, August 11, 2016

No GOPer Can Explain Support for Trump Without the Words 'Hillary Clinton'

Sean Duffy, a GOP Wisconsin Congressman, went there immeidatley to Mica on Morning Joe, this morning.

Trump's a 'bit inarticulate but, Hillary Clinton has private emails.' Evidently IT security Trumps every other consideration. Who cares if he talks about jailing or assassinating political opponents or invited Putin to hack their emails?

Who cares if they are the American Caesar who imperil the very Republic? Hillary Clinton used private emails at the State department-as other Secretary of States have done-and that's all that matters.

If she had run in 1933, I guess Duffy would have voted for Hitler.

Then Duffy insists that 'Middle America' didn't take Trump to be joking about assassinating Hillary Clinton.

That's not what Darrell Vickers thought and he's the Trump supporter who was directly behind Trump when he made the awful joke.

Jennifer Rubin also has hit the point I'm making: demonization of Hillary is not enough. The idea that her emails are enough to beat her is another GOP miscalculation.

"Hillary Clinton's campaign should be reeling from two unflattering news stories this week that play right in Donald Trump's hands."

"But instead, the GOP candidate missed an opportunity by diverting attention away from the Democrat with another unforced error about himself."

"Clinton is running a highly disciplined campaign that gives Trump precious few openings to attack. Yet he missed two this week."

"The conservative legal group Judicial Watch Tuesday evening released emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that appear to show Clinton aides mixing State Department business with that of the Clinton Foundation, even though the then-secretary of state said she would sever ties with the Foundation when she entered government."

"Emails from Foundation officials to State Department include a request to put a Foundation donor in touch with the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, and another asking to find a job for an associate. The emails suggest Clinton aide Huma Abedin followed through on the requests."

"And the mere existence of new unreleased emails raise questions, since Clinton has said she turned over all her work-related emails to the State Department, which has since released everything they have."

"Meanwhile on Monday, NBC affiliate WPTV spotted the father of Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen at a Clinton rally in Kissimmee, Florida, prompting outragefrom some survivors of the nightclub shooting."

"Clinton's campaign said the rally was open to the public, that they had no idea Seddique Mateen was in the crowd, and Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill later said Clinton "disavows his support" and "disagrees with" some of his more controversial views."

"While they merit scrutiny, neither storyline is damning on its own and would need fanning to stay alive more than a day."

"The emails may do seem to show some favor trading. But that's common, if unseemly, in politics, with the State Department itself being one of the best examples, through the long-established practice of giving ambassadorships to large donors to the president's campaigns."

"Seddique Mateen, meanwhile, is not implicated in his son's heinous act, and Clinton has no control over who chooses to support her."

"Instead, both are the kind of issues political campaigns typically work to turn into a scandal through multi-platform repetition and feigned outrage. For Trump, both fit perfectly into the image of Clinton he's trying to paint: that she's corrupt and that she has a blind spot (or worse) for radical Islamism."

See this is how in a way Trump has been a good thing. It's making the media more honest. Here, Alex Seitz-Wald admits that these are not really big issues, just issues to create feigned outrage.

In the past they'd pretend to be outraged, now they admit it's all sort of whipped up.

This I disagree with though.

"Trump and Clinton are each the least popular nominee their party has ever put forward. If the election were a referendum on either of them, they would lose. Trump, for some reason, seems hell-bent on making it about him."

I don't think talking about her emails is enough. She has made the affirmative case for herself at the convention: she's the candidate of optimism, of Stronger Together, of unifying and not dividing the country.

She will finish what Obama started: running for Obama's third term is not a terrible place to be with his approval now at 56%.

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