Thursday, August 11, 2016

If the Election Was Today, Dems Would Win the Senate

So says Harry Enten:

"Election held today: Dems would probably pick up IN, PA, NH, IL, & WI. Even if they lost NV, Clinton is winning so enuf for Senate control."

Right now Hillary's coattails are strong enough to help Katie McGinty who many say is a weak candidate-and who certainly is new to the game of campaigning in any case-and to beat Kelly Ayotte in NH.

As for Hillary with her leading in PA, Virginia, and Colorado, she doesn't need any other swing states:

"Two post-convention polls now in NH. Clinton up 10+ in both. Means she doesn't need OH or FL or NV or NC or IA."

In other news, DailyNewsBin is right: the way to beat Trump is at the voting booth-he will not be removed from the ticket. Though calls for him to be removed probably further weaken him.

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