Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump's Chat With the Secret Service Wasn't Formal

What chat with the Secret Service? Trump said it's all an invention of CNN.

Republican nominee Donald Trump is pushing back against a report that he had a conversation with the Secret Service following his comments on Second Amendment supporters, which many interpreted as him inciting violence against Hillary Clinton.

“No such meeting or conversation ever happened - a made up story by "low ratings" @CNN,” Trump tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

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But Trump saying one thing to one audience and another to another is nothing new.

On the other hand we get this report:

"Trump told Secret Service he didn't intend to incite violence - words he so far has not uttered publicly."

"So what's going on? Basically, there's a quibble."

"Official: No formal Secret Service discussions with Trump camp on remark | Reuters …

Jeet Heer:

"The word "formal" is doing a lot of work here."

Meanwhile, Trump insists he was not making a joke about killing Hillary. But that's not what Darrell Vickers, the guy you saw wincing behind Trump after he made that comment.

Vickers right away knew this was a problem:

"On Wednesday, CNN managed to find and interview the man, Darrell Vickers of Oak Island, who told the network that he was “taken aghast” upon hearing the remark. He said he immediately turned to his seat mate and said, “I can’t believe he said it. The media will have a field day with this one.”

"But Vickers, who is voting for Trump in November, sounded more concerned about how the remark would be construed by the media, rather than what it said about the temperament and rhetoric of the GOP nominee."

“Trump has got a very unique personality, and he makes jokes off the cuff,” he told CNN. “One of the things, if we’d had the chance to talk to him, I would have taken him to the shed. Down here in the South, we don’t curse in front of women, we don’t curse in front of the preacher and we don’t make jokes like that in public.”

He added: “We would have taken Mr. Trump to the shed and said, ‘Don’t say things like that because people will misconstrue it.’ But it was clear to my mind, and to the people around me, that he was trying to make a joke, and, unfortunately, people like some of the media, for instance like [The] Huffington Post, will take that and screw that up and distort it. It was not meant to be that way.”

"If Trump was merely making a joke, the U.S. Secret Service wasn’t amused. A USSS official told CNN Wednesday that the agency had “more than one conversation” on the topic with the Trump campaign."

Yes. See I thought it was a joke as well. But that's the problem: you don't joke about certain things. About locking up your political opponent, or inviting Putin to hack her emails, or her assassination. 
But Trump is actually trying to deny he was joking about that. He clearly was from Vickers own reaction-he was right there so he would get the context. 
With Trump's history he doesn't get any benefit of the doubt. 
In other news, Reagan's daughter is condemning Trump's bad, no good, awful joke.
Martin Luther King's daughter has already done the same. 
In Putin's Russia, his supporters make such jokes all the time. Then the joke's target: really is assassinated.
Thomas Friedman also has a very tough NY Times piece where he argues-persuasively-Trump's own children should be ashamed.

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