Saturday, August 6, 2016

Former CIA Head: Donald Trump is Putin's Pawn

This does not mean that Trump is knowingly helping Putin but unknowingly. He's just Putin's patsy. Who says that means he's not Presidential.

The former CIA head:

"Donald Trump has become a pawn of Russian President Vladimir Putin, presenting 'dangers' to American national security that would only grow if he obtains the White House, a former CIA head says."

"Career intelligence official Mike Morell, an agent under both Democratic and Republican president, said Friday in a New York Times op-ed that he is endorsing Hillary Clinton in the presidential race because she is 'highly qualified' and Trump is not."

"Morell warned in the op-ed that Putin, an ex-spy who has been accused of killing and jailing journalists and political opponents, is manipulating Trump."

"'In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.'

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Now the ties of Paul Manafort to Putin and pro Putin parties in the Ukraine are well known. 

"Trump changed views on Ukraine after hiring Manafort."

"Where once he demanded tougher U.S. response to Russian aggression, the GOP nominee now says he can live with a Russian Crimea."

"Donald Trump sounded like a supporter of Ukraine's territorial integrity last September, when he spoke by video feed to a gathering of political and business elites in Kiev."

“Our president is not strong and he is not doing what he should be doing for the Ukraine,” Trump told he group of pro-Western businessmen, diplomats and politicians. “I don’t think you’re getting the support you need."

"That view was in line with other statements Trump has made calling for a firmer Western response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's March 2014 annexation of Crimea and support for a pro-Russian separatist movement in the country’s east, according to a review of Trump's public comments about Ukraine since 2014."

"In recent days, however, Trump has struck a far milder tone. He now says he might recognize Crimea as Russian territory and lift punitive U.S. sanctions against Russia. The alternative, he warned on Monday, could be World War III."

"While the reason for his shift is not clear, Trump's more conciliatory words — which contradict his own party's official platform — follow his recent association with several people sympathetic to Russian influence in Ukraine. They include his campaign manager Paul Manafort, who has worked for Ukraine's deposed pro-Russian president, his foreign policy adviser Carter Page, and the former secretary of state and national security adviser Henry Kissinger."

"In the days after Putin annexed Crimea in mid-March 2014, for instance, Trump expressed strong opposition to the move. Appearing on NBC’s “Today” show on March 13, he said that the land grab — which Obama and top European leaders denounced as a gross violation of international law — “should never have happened.”

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Yes, Carter Page:

"In early June, a little-known adviser to Donald Trump stunned a gathering of high-powered Washington foreign policy experts meeting with the visiting prime minister of India, going off topic with effusive praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump."

"The adviser, Carter Page, hailed Putin as stronger and more reliable than President Obama, according to three people who were present at the closed-door meeting at Blair House — and then touted the positive effect a Trump presidency would have on U.S.-Russia relations."

"A month later, Page dumbfounded foreign policy experts again by giving another speech harshly critical of U.S. policy — this time in Moscow."

"The United States and other western nations have “criticized these regions for continuing methods which were prevalent during the Cold War period,” Page said in a lecture at the New Economic School commencement. “Yet ironically, Washington and other Western capitals have impeded potential progress through their often hypocritical focus on ideas such as democratization, inequality, corruption and regime change.”

"Page is a little-known Trump adviser with an ambiguous role in his campaign. But since being named to the Republican nominee’s team in March, his stature within the foreign policy world has grown considerably, drawing alarm from more established foreign policy experts who view him as having little real understanding about U.S.-Russia relations. Many also say that Page’s views may be compromised by his investment in Russian energy giant, Gazprom."

After years of falsely accusing Obama of being the Manchurian candidate, the GOP has nominated them as their Presidential nominee. 

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