Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Never Lied About Her Emails but the Washington Post is Lying About Her

As noted yesterday the media again showed why pressers are not a valuable use of Hillary's time.

If they want more press conferences could they at least ask better questions?

But the media doesn't care about issues relevant to the real lives of Americans. They care about gotcha games to showoff to their Beltway colleagues: 'Did you see how I gave it to Lady McBeth?'

That's the only reason they want these pressers.

Sharon Chabot:

"Hillary speaks to press. Press says welcome, talk to us more. 1st question: Why are you so distrusted and unlikable? Sigh..."

They ignore that her favorable numbers have actually gone up considerably post convention.

Anyway, we keep hearing that 'she lied' last Sunday or 'Lied about not lying.' The usual Beltway feeding frenzy when she's been much more honest than her bashers ever would dream of being. 

"In what’s become an utterly incoherent final chapter in the now-finished Hillary Clinton email saga, the media has taken its intentional dishonesty toward the story to a whole new level – which is remarkable that the media has essentially being lying about the email saga nonstop for the past year and a half. Now that the FBI has fully exonerated Hillary Clinton and confirmed that she never lied about her email, and explained in detail how it was that she never lied, the media is simply reporting a fictional version of the news. A recent “fact check” article from the Washington Post, of which hardly a word was factually accurate, represents the absolute all time low."

"The actual story, which is fairly straightforward, is that Hillary Clinton never knowingly sent or received any classified information via her private email server. The Director of the FBI confirmed this while under oath on live national television. He also confirmed that Clinton never misled or lied to the FBI at any point."

"He also went on to explain that of the three emails Clinton received that were classified, none of them were properly marked as being classified, meaning that to the best of her knowledge, she did not send or receive any classified information via private email. On top of that, the State Department has since confirmed that at least two of the three emails weren’t actually classified at the time and merely been misclassified as “classified” and then not properly labeled."

"In other words, the classification system is broken from top to bottom. And Hillary Clinton was speaking the absolute truth to the best of her knowledge when she stated earlier in the campaign that she did not send or receive any classified information via her private email. Yet the Washington Post somehow saw fit to piece together what can be described without hyperbole as one of themost intentionally dishonest “fact check” articles in the history of newspaper journalism when it inexplicably and libelously slapped Hillary with a “four pinocchio” rating over her statements on email, and backed it up with an entire article of easily disproven false information."

"Notably, the Wall Street Journal and other respected news outlets have slammed this particular “fact checker” at the Washington Post over the years, Glenn Kessler, for basically making things up as he went along. And yet somehow he still has a job at a major newspaper."

"Here are the actual facts: the very last time, Hillary Clinton never lied about her emails. Not to the FBI, not to the public, not to anyone. She broke no laws of any kind. And oh by the way, she was fully cleared to send and receive classified information via email. She only beef in all of this is that she used a private email server, which despite nonstop lies fro the media was never hacked. And it’s been demonstrated that Clinton’s private email server proved far more secure than the oft-hacked built in email server at the State Department, which is why she and two other recent Secretaries of State decided to bypass it in the first place."

This is what the DNC hack highlighted: if you're worried about security, the government email system is less secure. 

Anyway, Hilary didn't lie about her emails, or lie about lying about her emails last Sunday. The media is however, lying about her lying about her emails. 

This out of outrage that she is winning this race handily.

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