Monday, July 4, 2016

The Most Honest Candidate of 2016 is Hillary Clinton

Chuck Todd sure outdid himself yesterday. It was interesting-he had a panel of five women with him-no guys. 

But this didn't matter: female pundits from the Beltway are just as mindlessly anti Hillary as their male counterparts. Andrea Mitchell was leading the chat-enough said. 

But here's what really got me. It's why it's tough not to loath the Beltway media. Chuck Todd smugly tells us that Americans find Donald Trump more 'trustworthy' than Hillary by 15 points. 

Now I've seen other polls say differently, and don't necessarily believe that. But let's say it's true. All I can say is: well done Beltway. You have somehow managed to so misinform the public that they believe the opposite of what is true. 

It reminds you of 2002 when somehow most Americans believed that Saddam Hussein was connected to 9/11. Gee what ever gave them that ideas?

Now we have another such moment. If Americans truly believe that the least honest person running for President-Donald Trump-is more honest than than the most honest candidate-Hillary Clinton-then this is a failure that the implicates the media first and foremost.

In other news, the media-very quietly-admits that Hillary will not be charged by the FBI. Of course we knew that all along as well-assuming 'we' were paying attention. 

"Those who have been accurately following the FBI investigation into a Romanian email hacker over the past year are well aware that Hillary Clinton has never been a target of that investigation and that she was never in danger of being charged with any crimes of any kind. In fact the FBI itself spelled that out months ago in exact words. But cable news had been consistently misrepresenting the story for the sake of ratings – until now. Yesterday CNN and MSNBC both finally acknowledged on-air that Clinton won’t be charged with anything, something they’ve known all along."

Think about that. The media knew this all along yet continued to report otherwise. Then they're shocked that people say they don't trust her. 

In truth the Beltway ought to hang its own head in shame and it's dereliction of duty. 

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