Sunday, July 17, 2016

NY State Set to 'Disgorge' Trump of Millions in Trump U Case

Senator Elizabeth Warren is enjoying herself. And I am enjoying Senator Elizabeth Warren enjoying herself.

As Zizek would put it, I'm 'enjoying the Other's enjoyment.'

"Seriously, I could do this all day, @realDonaldTrump

"A ruling by New York’s highest court in a fraud case against former American International Group AIG 0.07% Chief Executive Maurice “Hank” Greenberg could affect the state’s case against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his defunct Trump University."

"The New York Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday that state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman could seek to recoup millions of dollars in bonus payments to Greenberg using the legal remedy called disgorgement."

Disgorgement. Considering this is something that will be done to Donald Trump, I like the sound of it.

"Unlike damages, which are used to compensate victims’ losses, disgorgement requires a defendant to give back gains obtained from unlawful means. The ruling means that Schneiderman can go after $5 million he says Trump personally pocketed from the Trump University real-estate seminar venture."

"According to the state’s 2013 lawsuit against Trump, filed in state court in Manhattan, Trump University was an unlicensed, illegal operation that bilked students of up to $35,000 each between 2005 and 2011. Two proposed class actions in California make similar allegations."

"Again, take a step back. Has the media discussed Trump U? Yes. But imagine what they'd do if this were Hillary Clinton. They'd be arguing she shouldn't even be able to run for President until we know the results of the case."

"While Trump has attacked Judge Curiel, no one has noted that Curiel actually was probably too fair to Trump in postponing the case until after the election. If this were Hillary the media would be in unison demanding that the case be done before the election so Americans could factor in the verdict to their decision."

Senator Warren really could do this all day.

"Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and other Senate Democrats are calling on federal regulators to step up efforts to protect consumers from educational programs that engage in fraud and deceptive marketing, in light of the ongoing case against Trump University."

"In a letter sent Thursday to the heads of the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Veterans Affairs, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Education Department, the lawmakers urge the agencies to create an online tool that alerts and warns potential students of companies posing as universities without a state license, charter or accreditation. They also asked the agencies to “enhance and prioritize” enforcement of federal consumer-protection laws that prohibit deceptive practices by businesses or “individuals who lend their names to sham outfits.” The senators are seeking a response by the end of August."

But I can enjoy her enjoying herself doing this all day.

UPDATE: Trump will be a witness in the federal Trump U case-we've been discussing state cases against Trump U here.

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  1. "Disgorge" has a nice ring to it.

    Jason Taylor proves himself again to be the sanest of the Erickson #NeverTrumpers yet again:

    So let me get this straight.

    One candidate uses a personal server for emails, as did the last two secretaries of state (and many others) and you don’t trust her? She was wrong, yes. Malicious? No, just a dumb decision.

    Meanwhile, the other candidate has done everything in his power to put another penny in his pocket — ripping off consumers who were pressured into signing up for ridiculous classes, not paying small businessmen/women who worked on his properties, declaring bankruptcy multiple times to save himself from business blunders, allowing other ripoff artists to use his name to get people to hand over their meager savings for “seminars.” Not to mention, he pretty much hates everyone or anything that comes across that way.

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of George W, but at least he had class. Same with his dad. Same with McCain until he picked that buffoon to be his VP.

    He'll catch hell for it on their facebook page, because he always does when he actually acknowledges that Hillary is ***CLEARLY*** a better choice than Trump. The rest of the crew and readers there are pretty much sticking with the Erickson party line that they are equally terrible.


    2. More from Jason's post:

      When do we say, “Enough”, to these hateful bigots who don’t seem capable of understanding their policies and outright lies are hurting the American people? Conservatives really can’t do better than this ticket?

      When your sons and daughters are drafted after the GOP candidate wins and starts bombing countries because he didn’t like the way those countries looked at him, well, we did warn you. Or as he would say, SAD!

    3. Although with the title of this one at least, Erickson himself is getting there:

      (in the article he points out that he's not calling Trump Hitler... just that the GOP seems like it will likely support ANYONE against Hillary, even though they only got 33% of the GOP vote (he's counting it funny by not factoring in states after everyone else dropped out)). The piece is basically another last pitch appeal for the delegates to dump Trump.

  2. O/T: fun rumor mongering: Christie and Newt angry at being passed over.

    1. ... now if those two would get behind what remains of #DumpTrump and then announce that they'd both rather vote for Hillary (or Johnson)... THAT would be something, wouldn't it? Lol

  3. Mike, you're going to love this: Jennifer Rubin is not a fan of Obama's policy on Iran and especially the deal he signed with them. She feels confident that that a "new president" will be able to rectify things with bi-partisan support, without actually ripping up the agreement. OK, so typical Jennifer Rubin, right? Lol... but this was the part that tickled me: right in the middle of her argument I like her choice of pronouns:

    A new president can certainly take other steps. She can halt the cringe-worthy trade and investment promotion on Iran’s behalf undertaken by Secretary of State John F. Kerry. She can develop a coherent policy to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Iran’s closest ally.

  4. Mike, are the Cleveland police not onboard with the NRA "more guns = more safety" orthodoxy? Don't they understand the inherent infallible logic of that? It's like they're going to be the ones who'll have to separate legally armed gangs or something! =)

    Also this news: Coburn would accept the nomination:

  5. You hate to say it Tom, but these police shootings in Texas and now Baton Rouge may be the thing to lead to the rethink of open carry.

    Once the Black Panthers want to open carry now they think it's time to rethink!