Sunday, July 17, 2016

Could the Tide be Turning Against Open Carry?

Again. In Baton Rouge. People are turning on each other. I don't know. Even at the gym today I felt a different energy.

After what happened a week and a half ago with Alton Sterling and Philando Castile I noticed that even at the gym a number of Black folks were talking politcially in the way I've never seen before. These police shootings of young black men who seemed to be trying to comply with the order really lit something in the Black community.

But after yet another killing of police officers in Baton Rogue I felt the same thing among some of the old white guys when CNN was on. Just a different energy.

Even some friends on Twitter started turning on each other. Sad when you have black and white liberal Democrats turning on each other. We don't want this.

A lot of white folks are now very angry and some are scapegoating Black Lives Matter.

And black folks, they've been angry. I always feel that my racial makeup-being biracial-helps me have some perspective.

I very rarely feel that either side is totally right-or wrong. Mostly, I feel strongly that racial polarization is not what's needed to say the least.

You know me. I try to see the silver lining in everything. The one positive here: maybe folks will start to reconsider open carry which in my mind is a policy which is just plain nuts.

"BREAKING: Cleveland police union chief calls on Ohio governor to declare state of emergency, suspend open carry firearms laws during RNC

Hate to say it-it's not till you start getting black mass shooters where many people will start to reconsider the wisdom of extremist gun rights laws.

But even so, I'll take anything that leads to reconsideration of that.


"The Baton Rouge police department, per @CNN, said that the shooting doesn’t appear to be race-related. So, it’s just gun-related, then."

So let's not rush to judgement. 

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