Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Much Less Daylight Between Ryan and Trump Than Meets the Eye

One thing some have pointed out is that the GOP for all its external revulsion with Trump-sincere, I believe as he can sully careers-they are cool with him on most of his positions.

I mean they agree. While Trump talked about not cutting entitlements during the GOP primary someone forgot to tell his advisers that.

Now we see Paul Ryan's plan to block grant Medicare out to the states made it into the GOP platform.

Trump's anti TPP stuff is against the GOP dogma but on most fiscal issues there is agreement. Trump wants to end the federal minimum wage, thinks wages are too high in general, and wants to cut taxes for the rich to the tune of $12 trillion dollars.

He also talks about defaulting on US debt as a negotiating tactic. And, indeed, the GOP took the debt ceiling hostage back in 2011.

Meanwhile. the GOP votes down bid to soften opposition to gay marriage.

And it is as anti choice as ever.

Support for TPP was stricken in a nod to Trump.

Those who assume-as HA Goodman does

that the GOP will vote down everything Trump wants to do in Congress are not thinking this through. This may well be because they don't think about the practical results of their vote.

A President Trump would find a GOP Congress eager to, say, rollback if not end the minimum wage, to roll back regulations, to pass huge tax cuts for the rich. They might well support Trump's attempt to crackdown on immigration. They might not go as far as he wants but there is still plenty that the other GOP candidates signed off on-even Jeb called them 'anchor babies.'

Speaking of Jeb, he does have good line here:

For former presidential candidate Jeb Bush, the general election is a no-win situation, regardless of who wins.

Speaking to former his press aide and current MSNBC political analyst Nicolle Wallace in an interview aired Monday night, the former Florida governor was asked whether he or any other Republicans would feel "vindicated" if Trump loses in a landslide to Hillary Clinton in November.

"I'll feel sad," Bush told Wallace, who then asked how he would feel if Trump is elected as the next president. "I'll be worried," Bush responded.

Wallace remarked, "So there's no good outcome for you?"

"No. That's why I can't vote for either candidate," Bush said, even as he had pledged last year to vote for the eventual Republican nominee. "It's not- this is a decision that's painful for me. I love my country like everybody else does and I see us languishing at a time when we should just be leading the world."

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But isn't sad better than worried?


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