Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Melania Trump Also Plagiarized Rick Astley

As Brian Beutler says, this one is going to stick to Trump in a way other things haven't.

I think Trump is also totally clueless. The media doesn't know much but they know plagiarism. This sunk Joe Biden's entire campaign in 1988.

This is not going to go away overnight.

Certainly not if Trump keeps saying that there's nothing to see here and there was no plagiarism.

The next question is what else has Melania Trump plagiarized? After her, other Trump speakers at the convention will also be scrutinized.

Seems that Melania also used Rick Astley-who I always liked a lot.

"Amid all the controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night which ripped off a speech given by Michelle Obama eight years earlier, it turns out Melania also plagiarized the lyrics from a pop song from the 1980s – and it wasn’t just any song. If you’ve ever been Rickrolled, which is to say you’ve been the victim of someone who slipped you a link to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” video, it turns out Melania Trump just Rickrolled the entire nation."

"In a development almost too bizarre for words, Twitter users have picked up on the fact that Melania Trump’s speech included the phrase “He will never, ever give up. And most importantly, he will never, ever let you down.” This is a rather blatant ripoff of Astley’s signature lyrics “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.”

"It’s not immediately clear whether Melania knowingly inserted the “Never Gonna Give You Up” lyrics into her speech on purpose as a way of intentionally Rickrolling the nation, or if a speechwriter slipped these words into her speech as a way of trying to make her look foolish. In light of the larger picture in which so much of the speech was stolen from Michelle Obama, it’s fair to ask the question of whether a rogue speechwriter was trying multiple avenues of embarrassing Melania in the same speech. In any case, it caused Rick Astley’s name to briefly become a trending topic on Twitter."

Actually, it may be more generic, but I noticed that she also declared that her husband 'can get things done' which is Hillary's catchphrase.

Then again, when Trump said that Hillary gains as Americans lose-that was actually lifting what she's been saying about him for months.

So, yes, the Trump team doesn't have a lot of original thoughts.


  1. Mike, you title: it should be "Ashley"

    Erick covered that too:

    He sounds convinced that this was intentionally torpedoing of the speech by someone (similar to what Chris Matthews was hinting at last night)

  2. No sir. I had thought the same initially. But look in my quotes from DailyNewsBin: it's not Ashely, it's Astley.

    Actually look at how Erick spells it.

    1. You're right!... My eyes played tricks on me! I was sure Erickson had written "Ashley" .... so sure I didn't bother double checking... or trying wikipedia (like I'd normally do). Sorry Mike, I was steering you the wrong way.

      BTW, this is powerful piece by Jennifer Rubin today on yesterday's convention:

  3. Rick Perry, despite giving a speech (one in which he didn't mention Trump) says he's still fighting against "Trumpism" on his website (at the time this tweet was put out anyway):

    And sure enough, he took that one down:

    (but it still shows up as a Google hit, so it WAS there)

    He probably didn't want to take it down because it was one of his only good speeches and he was proud of it. Oh well, he can put if back up when Trump loses.

  4. O/T: Scott Sumner has a couple of anti-Trump pieces today and they're both pretty good:

    One on Ohio and the fact that steel jobs are not coming back (like they were at their peak) no matter what Trump says:

    And this one, which is just meta-sarcasm I get you'd call it:
    (he's mocking right-wing critics of the Trump-critical media by pretending to be one)

  5. Leon Wolf promises (re: the rejection of a roll call vote yesterday):

    This is going to get a whole lot uglier before we get to the bottom of it.

    The uglier the better!

  6. Mike, demonstrates why they're better than FrontPage or Breitbart or even Fox: They have plenty of nonsense they publish and some nasty HDS and ODS (derangement syndromes) bits sometimes, but at they also have some pieces that show their heart is in the right place sometimes: like this positive piece on BLM and cops getting together at a cookout organized by BLM:

    Can you imagine FrontPage (Horowitz's site) or Breitbart or Fox for that matter, even covering that? It doesn't serve their purpose of stirring up racial hatred, so it's hard to see them ever doing that.

  7. This is good (regarding responsibility for Melania's speech):
    The Morning Joe clip especially.