Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lying About Hillary Lying About Her Emails

Donald Trump was locked in yesterday. His campaign didn't let him tweet much or do any tv shows. This was undoubtedly smart.

He did get one tweet in though.

"After canceling his campaign events Friday in the wake of Thursday’s shooting of police officers in Dallas, Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton on Twitter for answering questions about her email controversy during an appearance on CNN."

“Isn’t it sad that on a day of national tragedy Hillary Clinton is answering softball questions about her email lies on @CNN?” Trump wrote on Twitter just minutes after Clinton concluded a pair of interviews on CNN and MSNBC.

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Give me a break. I agree that yesterday there were much better things to talk about than those damn emails. But do you really think Hillary wanted to discuss them?

If you think it was the wrong day to talk Emailgate, blame the silly pundits who insisted on asking her about it.

"CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and NBC News’ Lester Holt both led off their respective interviews with questions about Thursday’s shooting but both devoted an almost equal amount of time to Clinton’s email controversy. In her first comments since FBI Director James Comey announced the bureau would not recommend charges against her, Clinton said she was relieved the investigation was behind her and continued to defend herself against allegations that she knowingly put classified information in jeopardy."

“Over 300 people were on these email exchanges, some on many, some on a few, and these were experienced professionals who have had great years of dealing with classified material,” she told Blitzer. “Whatever they sent me, they did not believe and had, in my view, no reason to believe at the time that it was classified.”

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So evidently, both Blitzer and Holt consider Emailgate just as important as the national tragedy.

Meanwhile, with all the breathless talk about 'She lied. She said she received no classified information and she received 110 classified emails' this is turning out to be another Urban Legend.

Ironically, James Comey himself was forced to admit this-thanks to the GOP's counterproductive grilling of him on Thursday.

"The day after the Director of the FBI claimed that Hillary Clinton received classified emails on her personal email server before concluding that she violated no laws and would face no charges, a State Department spokesman contradicted him, stating that the emails in question had been improperly marked to begin with and therefore she did nothing wrong (something we reported last night). This morning, as the Director was being interrogated by House Republicans over his findings, one of the Democrats on the committee pointed out the discrepancy. This prompted him to revise his stance on the matter."

"Even as the Republicans spent the day suggesting to FBI Director James Comey’s face that he either failed to properly look into Hillary Clinton’s use of email or outright rigged the matter in her favor, he confidently shot down their conspiracies one after another, likely causing them to regret having hauled him in to begin with. But it was a House Democrat who finally asked Comey about the new State Department assertion that the emails in question were improperly marked."
"The FBI Director responded by revising and clarifying his assessment, acknowledging that of the three email in question (originally reported as two emails by the New York Times), there were errors their classification markings which had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and therefore could not have been her fault. This came as he also made that clear Clinton voluntarily cooperated with every aspect of the inquiry, and that to the best of his knowledge, she was truthful throughout the matter."

As Matt Yglesias argued, the problem with Clinton scandals is they always devolve into this interminable first, second, and third order process debates that sound like 'How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?'

The right answer is: who cares?

You can't eat emails. No one is going to get higher wages based on the email debate. No one can feed their kids emails, nor will a debate over emails do something about police violence or violence against the police.

In other words, none of this has anything to do with people and their own lives. The only people who care about it are those who want to use it as a political weapon.

Speaking of which, what about Trey Gowdy's emails?

"Although three Secretaries of State in a row from two different political parties each opted to have their own email server installed at the State Department in order to bypass the inept official server, republicans have attempted to single out Hillary Clinton for doing so. Trey Gowdy has used his position as head of the Benghazi committee to pore over thousands of her emails, public and private. Gowdy spent much of her testimony this week publicly misstating what was in some of those emails, forcing Clinton to correct him in front of the cameras. But not only has Clinton emerged from the now-debunked scandal unscathed, Gowdy’s own private email server has come into focus."

"It turns out Trey Gowdy has been running his email address through a private email server, despite giving that address out as an official point of contact and almost certainly receiving official government correspondence through that address. Additionally his republican colleague Jason Chaffetz has been caught giving out a Gmail address for official correspondence, which is also run through a private email server. One wonders if we’ll see an eighteen month investigation into their email as well."

This DailyNewsBin article really kicked the hornet's nest as all these angry Hillary haters came in and left hate mail.

Here's Hillary hating  Charlotte Minick

“Trey Gowdy is NOT running for President!”
Exactly. In other words this is pure politics. If Hillary weren't running for President, no one would care about her emails either.

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