Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I'm in Democratic Heaven as Obama and Hillary Campaign Together in North Carolina

As I said in my earlier piece, no matter how much the Republicans and their Beltway flaks try to hype this up, Emailgate is over, no matter how much they use the words 'It just leaves a bad case of optics.'

"The headlines about Hillary Clinton began on Tuesday with FBI Director James Comey ripping her use of a private email server while secretary of state as "extremely careless."

But a few hours later, Clinton was whisked aboard Air Force One for a flight with President Barack Obama to North Carolina. By around 3:30 pm, she was basking in Obama’s praise as the two hit the campaign trail together for the first time in 2016.

"I believe in Hillary Clinton," Obama said before a crowd of thousands at the Charlotte Convention Center. "The bottom line is she was a great secretary of state."

As I've related before, I was a Hillary man in 2008 and it was tough seeing her lose, but it didn't take long to get behind Hillary then-something Bernie could learn from-and seeing the two of them out there has got to be one of the best moments ever for me as a Democrat.

The day Obama endorsed her is the only one close.

"We can debate from now until the day the Sweet Meteor O' Death strikes the Earth whether or not Barack Obama is a good or effective president. What is beyond debate: He is one hell of a naturally-gifted campaigner."

"Obama reminded me of that fact on Tuesday when he jetted to Charlotte, N.C. to campaign alongside presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for the first time in the 2016 campaign. He did it in a different way than we're used to seeing him -- as cheerleader in chief. But he did it very, very well."

"The overwhelming impression Obama gave off on Tuesday in Charlotte was someone totally in his element, a relaxed and confident campaigner at the height of his powers. He fake-cried when Clinton mentioned his daughter, Malia, and the fact that she turned 18 on Monday. He laughed along at Clinton's re-tellings of the duo's experiences on the world stage. ("That did happen," Obama joked at one point.) Hell, he led a "Hillary" chant!"

Seeing Obama chant 'Hillary' was just epic.

"Can someone please send me a Vine of Obama chanting "Hillary"? I need it for my life."

Another great Obama line: Don't boo...

"....Don't boo. Vote! Booin' doesn't help. You need to vote!... #obamasays"

As Obama says, Hillary is the most qualified candidate ever. She just happens to be running against the most unqualified candidate ever:

“I am here to tell you that the truth is nobody fully understands the challenges of the job of president until you've actually sat at that desk,” Obama said. “Everybody's got an opinion, but nobody actually knows the job until you're sitting behind the desk. Everybody can tweet, but nobody actually knows what it takes to do the job until you sit behind the desk.”

Obama acknowledged that even his youngest daughter, Sasha, tweets. “But she doesn't think that she, thereby, should be sitting behind the desk,” Obama said, taking a clear swipe at Donald Trump. “So, you can't fully understand what it means to make life-and-death decisions until you've done it. That's the truth. But I can tell you this, Hillary Clinton has been tested."

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I just heard Chuck Todd on Brian Williams, absurdly claim that somehow having Obama and Hillary on the same stage together 'diminishes her, as Obama is such the better campaigner.'

This was the same silly thing they said in 2012 when Bill Clinton campaigned for Obama. Then they 'worried' it diminished President Obama. 
Newsflash guys: when the President from your party endorses and campaigns for you and with you, that's always a-really-good thing. 
You know what diminishes you? What Ike said about Nixon's contributions in 1960: 'If you give me a week, I might come up with something. I don't remember.'
Of course, that 'joke' made a JFK ad. 
In other news. the markets liked Comey's announcement that there'd be no indictment. 
"U.S. stocks briefly trimmed their losses after FBI Director James Comey said his agency recommends to the Department of Justice that no charges should be brought against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton."


  1. Mike, before you let heaven get to your head, I really think you should follow this link to an article by staunch Hillary critic streiff and read the 1st paragraph at least:

    BREAKING. Donald Trump Delivers Devastating Response On FBI Whitewash Of Hillary Clinton

  2. I doubt very much I'm going to find anything Trump says 'devastating'-other than to himself.

    1. Go ahead and read the 1st paragraph and see if that doesn't change your mind (you might want to grab some smelling salts first).

  3. Streiff's Hillary commentary is just a little overblown, itself. We did have this happen in the W years

    1. Well sure it is... but he got me with that headline! I have to admit. His disappointment is delicious.