Tuesday, July 12, 2016

HA Goodman Endorses Donald Trump

You knew this day was coming and here it is.

If you have 25 minutes it's a very humorous video actually. Goodman rants that 'The Hilary bots want you to question reality itself. Don't let them do it.'

He absolves Bernie in advance for his endorsement which is coming today.

Bernie is a great guy, Goodman believes, even if he endorses That Woman.

Bernie doesn't want to 'blow up the Democratic machine' Goodman explains.

But HA tells Bernie or Busters to stay Bernie or Bust no matter what.

If Bernie does endorse then basically don't let anyone tell you Trump is so bad. Yes, he might be a racist but Hillary is friends with Henry Kissinger and doesn't really oppose the TPP.

Compared to that what's to worry about with Trump's xenophobia or authoritarian tendencies?

Ok, so Trump praises Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Tinanamen Square Massacre, Saddam Hussein and keeps a book of Hitler's speeches by his bed, but hey, he's not friends with Kissinger so theres nothing to worry about.

Trump is 'non interventionist.'

So Goodman is clearly now rooting for a Trump Presidency. He doesn't tell the Bernie or Busters to support Trump but he urges them not to vote Hillary which is a vote for Trump.

There's no way that either Jill Stein or Gary Johnson comes close to winning. At most they can play spoiler.

So a vote for either of them is still a vote for Trump.

You just knew this was the trap he'd fall into.

As for his predictions-well he's been wrong so much, why would anyone take him seriously now?

He predicted Bernie would win every state in the Union and that she'd be indicted and a whole bunch of other creative fiction. Now he's reduced to predicting that Bernie or Busters will turn the election to Trump.

Well played Sir. 


  1. That guy is a freak. The first time I've encountered him here.

  2. It's something to see a guy having a full blown meltdown in front of you.