Monday, July 18, 2016

GOP Convention Nightmare

There was a Politico piece that the GOP was dreading the convention.

No wonder. In the post 1968 convention world, actual news is never supposed to happen. There is a lot of news out in Cleveland today.

"Chaos broke out at the Republican National Convention after Republican leaders blocked a full floor vote on the convention rules."

"Critics of Donald Trump had attempted to force the vote and submitted the signatures they believed were necessary to do so, but after holding a voice vote on the rules, Rep. Steve Womack declared the rules approved and moved on."

"Womack left the stage amid an uproar, only to return to the stage moments later for a second voice vote. He again declared that the 'ayes' had won, again to protests from the crowd."

"Forcing a roll call vote requires support from the majorities of seven delegations. Anti-Trump delegates submitted what they said were a majority of signatures from at least 9: Colorado, Washington state, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The also claimed that Alaska had provided signatures as well."

"But Womack, after the second voice vote, said on stage that three states had withdrawn from the roll call effort, leaving it short of the support needed."

"The vote thwarted and the convention rules deemed approved, the convention moved on to a discussion of the official party platform."

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It's dubious wether the 'ayes' really had it. In any case, the damage is already done:

"For Republicans desperately hoping that unity would be the word of the day and the week here in Cleveland, however, the damage was done. The images of unhappy Republicans shouting for a chance to show their dissatisfaction with Trump and then walking out makes for just the sort of images out of this week that Republicans were hoping to avoid."

"It showed, powerfully and with the eyes of the national media watching, that the idea that the GOP was rapidly uniting behind Trump is a pipe dream. And that divisions -- real and serious ones -- remain, no matter the rhetorical attempts to paper them over."

"Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, once a potential Trump VP, took the stage soon after the eruption. She spent her time touting the party's unity and the inclusive process of building the party platform. But, no one was listening. Everyone was still talking about how the "Never Trump" forces went down in a blaze of glory."

Trump has been trying to do a Richard Nixon lately, claiming that he's the Law and Order guy. Greg Sargent convincingly argues this is not 1968.

Yet, maybe it is with the catch that, this year, the GOP is where the Dems were in 1968. In truth they are but in even worse shape.

"Legend has it that after leveling Carthage in the Third Punic War, Roman army generals ordered that the city’s fields be sown with salt so that they’d lie fallow for years, Roman generals not being particularly well known for their benevolence in victory."

"Many Republicans think Donald Trump’s nomination is doing roughly the same thing to their party: destroying any chance for growth it once had and leaving the GOP to wither and die on Trump vineyard vines."

“My general sense, looking at this election, is that what we’re witnessing here is the end of something much more than the beginning of something,” Yuval Levin, editor of the conservative policy journal, National Affairs told me recently.

The future is looking bright. But, then, I'm a Democrat


  1. This just goes to show you how Trump, Putin-lovin'-Manafort, and Jabba [the molester] Ailes (now that he's looking for a new job), would "govern" should they ever get their shriveled greasy orange fingers on the levers of power: like Russian mobsters basically. La Cosa Trumpstra!

  2. I never like "The Cooch" but I'll give him props for this:

  3. Mike, have you heard of this?:

    The #TrumpCircus has come to Cleveland, and kicks off tonight with a variety of reality show contestants who will serve as speakers in primetime. Just who will be involved? Find out more below.

    But we also want YOU to join the conversation, at our live blog each night. In order to do this, use our hashtag on Twitter, #TrumpCircus, and we’ll bring in the best commentary into our live blog – you can find tonight’s live blog here.

  4. Trump's mind full of hole: can't remember which outrageous lies he told previously:

  5. Mike, it looks like Harding was spotted at the convention:

  6. So I'm reading that Iowa, Colorado and Virginia delegates walked out, as well as Ken Cuccinelli, and that a man named Gary Emineth (who's supposed to be a big donor) resigned from the Trump Victory Committee.

    Plus a false voice vote was stolen for all to see and hear on the convention floor. Sounds like a pretty good Monday! =)

  7. Bob Bennett lists 10 states and DC (so 11 "areas") petitioning for a voice vote. The Trump people say they twisted enough arms for three to drop out, which leaves 8: one more than whats required to force a roll call vote (7), so somebody did some La Cosa Trumpstra math there, right? Here's Bob's list:

    MN, IA, WA, CO, DC, ND, AK, VA, UT, ME, WY

    Now this: