Monday, July 18, 2016

Trump Lashes Out at Kasich, Calls Him Petulant

Can you feel the unity? Here he is in Ohio for the convention and in a state that Trump needs to have a prayer of winning. He's latching out at the popular Ohio GOP Governor.

"Jonathan Martin reports that the first day of the convention got off to a friendly, unity-minded start:

"Donald J. Trump’s chief adviser used the first day of the Republican National Convention on Monday to excoriate Gov. John R. Kasich for not endorsing Mr. Trump, touching off a remarkably bitter exchange between the campaign of the presumptive Republican nominee and advisers to Ohio’s popular Republican governor."

"Addressing reporters at a breakfast on Monday, Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s de facto campaign manager, accused Mr. Kasich of acting “petulant” for refusing to support Mr. Trump following the governor’s defeat in the Republicans’ presidential nominating process."

“He’s embarrassing his party in Ohio,” Mr. Manafort said of Mr. Kasich, calling the governor’s chief political strategist the culprit behind Mr. Kasich’s strategy of not endorsing Mr. Trump. “Negotiations broke down because John Weaver thinks that John Kasich will have a better chance to be president by not supporting Donald Trump.”

"Such a calculation, Mr. Manafort said, is “a dumb, dumb, dumb thing.”

"In fairness, once this campaign is over a lot of people are going to wish they hadn’t supported Trump."

Manafort is good at adding clarifying things. This is how he explained today's GOP Convention mayhem.

"This is a convention... Some of them wanted to do some things and they did it." -- Manafort. People doing things. Always."

"It wasn't a rebellion...this has to do with party rules." -- Paul Manafort

You have to admit: Manafort has a way of adding to our understanding of the situation.

People doing things. I had thought it was something else before he said that.

Manafort has sharp words for Kasich too:

"I think that the incumbent governor should be speaking." -- Paul Manafort on Kasich

Maybe he wants to be someone not doing things.

So, in other words, the GOP is just totally unified.

No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio, the state hosting the GOP convention here.

So on the first day of the Republican convention, the Trump campaign, well, picked a fight with Ohio's governor. And the state party fought back -- all highlighting the GOP disunity in Cleveland.

"When asked on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" about Ohio Gov. John Kasich skipping the GOP convention in his own state, the Trump campaign's Paul Manafort said, "He is making a big mistake. He is looking at something that is not going to happen. He is hurting his state. He is embarrassing his state, frankly." Manafort told the Today show the same thing.

And he made a third dig at a breakfast sponsored by Bloomberg: "That's a dumb, dumb, thing," Manafort said. "Will John Kasich finally grow up? Maybe. If he does, we'll welcome him."

"Kasich is no ordinary governor. He was one of Trump's opponents during the 2016 Republican primary season, winning only his home state of Ohio. Kasich also has a 58 percent approval rating in Buckeye State, according a recent Quinnipiac poll."

"And state Republicans, who haven't received prime seating at the convention despite their state's importance as a battleground state, fired back at Manafort.

"Ohio loves our governor. He turned this state around and united Ohioans. No wonder he has a 60% approval rating," tweeted Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges."

"This Kasich-vs.-Team Trump spat is only the latest sign of disunity at this Republican convention."

"In the most recent NBC/WSJ poll, only 38 percent of Republican voters say they are satisfied with Trump as their nominee, versus 54 percent of Democrats who say they are satisfied with Clinton. What's more, a combined 85 percent of all voters -- including 78 percent of Republicans -- say the GOP is not that unified or only somewhat unified. That's compared with 48 percent of all voters (and 40 percent of Democrats) who say that about the Democratic Party."

Turns out calling the GOP Governor of the state Trump desperately needs is not as brilliant a gambit as it might have seemed.

Saying he did a dumb, dumb thing, might not unify the party after all. It's a counterintuitive world out there. 

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