Monday, July 18, 2016

GOP Convention is Doing the Opposite of Minority Outreach

Typical GOP tactic. Have a black cop come on and attack other blacks.

"Wow. David Clarke denounces the "malicious prosecution" of Baltimore officers in the Freddie Gray case."

Whatever the opposite of "minority outreach" is called, that's what the Republicans are doing tonight.

"Would the GOP let a black man speak about his murdered son is if he didn't demonize another"person of color? #RNCinCLE

Point is the GOP figures if it can have a black man say it, it's not racist.

Now in more minority outreach, we have: Rudy Giuiani:

"What I did for New York, Donald Trump will do for America," said Giuliani. As a black man livinin NYC, I say, "God help us." #RNCinCLE"

More minority outreach: Jeff Sessions.

"Jeff Sessions looked directly at the protester while she was being restrained by security. #RNCinCLE

Overall, a lot of Benghazi, immigration bashing, and bashing BLM. Giuliani was screaming 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' as loud as humanly possible as if it were a Hitler Youth march.

So this is not about trying to reach the independents but shoring up the GOP base.

In other news: Scott Baio is not sorry for calling Hillary a c-nt.


  1. The first time I've seen any kind of graphic in one of your posts Mike!

  2. Yes, it was from the quote on Twitter. It's too intrusive I think. In my new post I left that stuff out