Monday, July 18, 2016

Just Because Someone is Crying, Doesn't Excuse False Accusations of Murder

I already wrote about this, but I can't let it go. Simply disgusting.

MSNBC had Hillary hater, Andrea Mitchell beat her breasts about how you can't but have your heart go out to Sean Smith's mother because of her raw emotion.

That's exactly what makes it so vile. You are trying to work on people's emotions not their reason. And this is blatant demonization of Hillary. You are setting her up as this vicious person who did such terrible things that some unbalanced people out there won't be able to come up with a reason why she shouldn't be killed.

When you see someone really expressing hatred in an anger towards someone, maybe you can dismiss what they're saying because of how unpleasant they come across. It's even harder to resist someone drenched in tears saying repeatedly that they blame Hillary Clinton for their son's murder.

I noticed that a lot of Beltway folks were discussing how Trump called in to Fox in the middle of Smith's speech. It seems they aren't bothered by the speech but that Trump clumsily interrupted it.

Tom Brown left a comment to my previous piece:

"The DNC should bring up a parade of people who've been ripped off by Trump's pyramid and ponzi schemes or those who were stiffed their payments or those who've had frivolous lawsuits filed against them."

I'm assuming that's what they are planning. I know that Hilary has campaigned with more than a few Trump U victims.

Regarding the methods the GOP is using tonight, Tom rightly notes:

"No difference between the GOP methods displayed today and those of Alfred Rosenberg's Vőlkischer Beobachter or Julius Streicher's Der Stűrmer."

Bill Palmer of DailyNewsBin:

"The mother of Sean Smith was unable to keep her composure, unwilling to stick to anything remotely close to the facts, and completely overcome with enraged hatred toward Hillary Clinton. She ended up screaming “Hillary for Prison” through tears while flat out lying about the role the former Secretary of State played in the Benghazi tragedy. Her speech didn’t conclude so much as it simply stopped."

By the way, I should note that Chris Stevens' mother is repulsed by the GOP politicization of her son's murder.

She doesn't blame Hillary.

Back to Palmer:

"And that moment will likely be looked back on as the moment in which Donald Trump definitively lost the 2016 election. It was one thing to trot out an overly partisan war veteran to make generically positive remarks about Trump. It was another thing entirely to put a still grieving, highly disinformed, and openly vengeful woman on stage in manner which exploited her confused grief as much as it exploited her son’s death. In hindsight, Donald Trump likely lost the election before he even managed to take the stage at his own convention."

I have to say, it truly was a disgusting moment. Chris Matthews was also disgusted.
If the goal of tonight was to bring in new voters to the GOP as Trump says he wants to do, I don't think it was much for that. But I'm sure it pleased the GOP base.

But Palmer may be right. It was that repellent. 

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  1. Mike, it would be perfect if the DNC could get Katie, Trump's alleged rape victim to speak (politicize grief... Lol... yes, I'm probably evil! ... just like Trump and the GOP!) =)