Thursday, July 14, 2016

Even Trump's Presumptive Vice President Didn't Vote for Him

A lot of chatter that Mike Pence is the one, though Trump claims not have decided.

"Signs point to Pence as Trump prepares to notify VP hopefuls."

"The campaign is insisting no final decision has been made."

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"Donald Trump's likely vice presidential pick actually didn't vote for him. With the nation's eyes on him this spring, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) said he would be backing Trump's rival, Ted Cruz, in his state's crucial primary."

"Indiana's May 3 primary was seen as one of the last chances for the #NeverTrump forces to stop him from winning the primary outright, and Pence had been suspiciously quiet about which side he'd choose."

"Four days before the primary, Pence picked Cruz in a somewhat painful decision that we detailed below. Trump would win the state by almost 20 points and Cruz would drop out of the race that night. The original post follows."

So in this Pence at least has something in common with African-Americans. None of them are voting for him either.

Trump's problem in selecting a VP is that nobody who could actually be a good choice would want to be on the ticket and anyone who would actually want to be on the ticket wouldn't be a good choice.

Poor Donald is right.

"Donald Trump’s VP Predicament Is Hilariously Bad."

"Nobody who would be a clear asset to his campaign is willing to join it, and none of his short-listers is clearly worse than the others."

Under the theory of first do no harm, Pence might seen to do the least immediate harm-though once we start vetting him, it won't be good.

But at present 84 percent of Americans have no view whatsoever about Pence. That's a lot better than their view of Gingrich and Christie who have so much baggage to add to Trump's own enormous negatives.

Will Saletan:

"Trump-Pence has the feel of an arranged marriage where no chemistry exists between the couple. And this groom has a wandering eye. Beware."

"Is all of this Pence leakage a blitz by Manafort to nail Trump down so he can't run away again?"
Manafort should be careful lest Trump sues him for $10 million bucks.
I wonder what kind of none disclosure agreement Pence will have to sign. 
So who is Mike Pence? He likes to call himself 'Rush Limbaugh on decaf.'
Saletan argues:

"Trump wants Gingrich. He wants the energy. He wants a guy who flatters him. He wants a bomb thrower. He wants a guy who can work up a crowd."

That's one thing Trump and I agree on. I want Gingrich too-or Christie.

C'mon Mr. Trump. Pence is boring, you don't do boring.

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