Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Profile of Black Trump Supporters

I often ask how it's possible for a black voter to support Trump. The title was a bit of a red herring: turns out there are none.

"Two polls out Wednesday drew lots and lots of attention for a simple reason: In Ohio and in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump is winning zero percent of the black vote."

There was also a national poll a few weeks ago that showed him polling at 1 percent.

All I can say to Black voters is: good job. I would really be worried otherwise. After all:

1. Trump's father had a history with the KKK

2. Trump himself pretended not to know who the KKK is in an interview.

3. Trump's properties have a history of violating Federal Housing laws in discriminating against Black tenants.

4. Once wanted to have a segregated episode of the Apprentice.

5. Who calls Black Lives Matter a hate group.

So there is no good reason for any Black person to support Trump. It's good to see that they aren't. The profile of Trump supporters is that there are no such supporters.

This means the real issue for Hillary and the Dems is: maximizing Black turnout. With an avowed racist with the support of David Duke and legions of other hate groups, Black turnout should be greater than even 2012. 

That is the challenge. There are also many red states with new voter suppression laws on the books. So the Dems are hopefully working on this.

P.S . The biggest predictor of how someone votes is whether they have a positive view of President Obama.

Trump is unquestionably a reaction to Obama, the anti Obama of outraged whiteness.


  1. #DumpTrump in surrender negotiations (at the hands of Ken Cuccinelli) and Trump's VP pick is leaked: Mike Pence:

  2. The Vichy terms. Without a whimper

    1. I was really hoping they'd make a go of it. Although Rubin still thinks something is in the works (although there are signs she's fully delusional now... she was talking about yet another Trump alternative yesterday Tim Kane (not the senator: a military guy).

  3. Yes, That woman leading the #NeverTrump on tv also sounds delusional

    1. I have fun trolling TheResurgent's facebook and Breitbart too:

      It was fun asking Breitbart folks "What will you do if Trump *is* dumped? Will he be justified in vindictively doing everything in his power to destroy his replacement? What will *you* do???"

      This was a reality too horrible to contemplate for the average Trumpster at Breitbart, so nearly all replied "That won't happen!!!" and left it at that.

    2. My fantasy had #DumpTrump gaining steam and Trump not getting a majority on the 1st ballot. And then some anti-Trump candidate (Cruz) gaining steam among a field of contenders as a replacement... and then Trump lets in his neo-Nazi skinhead tatted up core with nail studded baseball bats to "persuade" the rebellious delegates to vote for him... and after a few persuasion sessions, he ekes out a minimal victory... all caught by a 1000 cameras while it happens. And then for weeks after Trump refuses to condemn the neo-Nazis who helped him out.

    3. There may be some hope left with DumpTrump actually! (I'm hoping for chaos, so DumpTrump is perfect for that):

  4. "Who calls Black Lives Matter a hate group."

    Other than Trump? Well let's see: Rudy Giuliani, Bill O'Reilly, David Horowitz, the writers at Horowitz's websites (FrontPage, etc), the vast majority of the commenters at those websites and at Breitbart, E. Harding, ... need I go on?

  5. "Trump himself pretended not to know who the KKK is in an interview. "

    And told ridiculous lies about it later "my earpiece didn't work right!"

    Bill Maher nailed it: there's standards for every other candidate we've ever had, and then there's Trump. Remember how the single utterance of the word "macaca" sunk Allen's campaign?