Thursday, July 14, 2016

Begging for $6 Million From Sheldon Adelson

Is this how the conversation went?

Reince: "Sheldon, I need $6 million. I'm begging." Sheldon: "Trump's picking Pence?" Reince: 'Yes." Sheldon: "If he switches to Newt, deal."

Jon Ralston says:

"I love how people are tweeting at me that Trump is a billionaire, so why doesn't he comes up with the $6 million? Yes, I wonder why...."

"After all, if you have a $1 billion dollars then coming up with $6 million is as tough as a guy with $1,000 coming up with $.60 cents."

"And Trump has lately taken to claiming he has $10 billion-when the campagin started it was only $5 billion. Maybe it's because he's being audited."

"GOP Cleveland organizers beg Adelson for $6 million."

"The GOP admits two dozen companies have pulled out because of Trump."

"Millions of dollars short and running out of time, organizers of the Republican National Convention have written an urgent request for $6 million to Las Vegas billionaire couple Sheldon and Miriam Adelson to cover the bills for next week’s festivities."

"In a letter to the Adelsons, obtained by POLITICO, the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee revealed the names of more than two dozen prominent corporations and individuals who have reneged on a collective $8.1 million in pledged donations."

"The letter represents the most public acknowledgment to date that Donald Trump has directly cost convention organizers millions of fundraising dollars."

“Over the past couple months, negative publicity around our potential nominee resulted in a considerable number of pledges backing out from their commitments,” the letter says.

"It goes on to list the companies and wealthy individuals who have withdrawn their financial commitments. Among those who have canceled their donations, according to the letter, are David Koch ($1 million), FedEx ($500,000), Visa ($100,000), Pepsi ($500,000) and Coca-Cola ($1 million)."

"The letter says the RNC has raised $58 million — putting the party $6 million below the $64 million that was promised to bring the convention to Cleveland."

They ask the Adelsons to singlehandedly close the RNC’s shortfall.

“We would greatly appreciate if you would consider a $6,000,000 contribution to the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee to help us cross the finish line,” states the letter, which was dated July 12. The convention begins July 18.

“Your support will allow our community to meet its obligation to the RNC, and will ensure our Republican nominee has the best possible platform to lay out his conservative case for our nation,” the letter concludes. “Thank you for your consideration and please let us know if you need any additional information.”

The letter is co-signed by David Gilbert, CEO of the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, Christopher Connor, executive chairman of The Sherwin-Williams Co., Alexander Cutler, chairman and CEO, of the Eaton, Christopher Kelly, a partner at Jones Day, and Beth Mooney, chairman and CEO of KeyCorp.

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Trump likes to say he's a great deal maker. This sure has proven a great deal for the RNC.

But then if Trump is a great deal maker this never means for his partners or vendors or anyone stupid enough to go into business with him.

Meanwhile, Trump has again broken a promise: he said he would announce his VP tomorrow-and the media has assumed it will be Pence.

Still some GOP insiders worry about another 'Sarah Palin scenario.'

"Could the Trump VP vetting process go off the rails?"

GOP insiders trust the top Washington lawyer handling the process. But they also worry about another Sarah Palin scenario.
Why is that? Maybe because this top Washington lawyer handling the process just happens to be the guy who picked Sarah Palin back in 2008.

"Veteran Washington lawyer Arthur B. Culvahouse methodically scrutinized John McCain's five-man shortlist in 2008, only to have Sarah Palin added last-minute, a chaotic process that some fear is repeating itself."

"Culvahouse is again at the helm of the operation sniffing through VP contenders, this time for Donald Trump, and critics question whether the lengthy primary, early convention and seemingly frantic finish created an unhelpful crunch."
"Rick Davis, McCain's 2008 campaign manager, said he sees signs that the Trump campaign wouldn't have had time to do the polling and research that typically supplements the background check."

"They are starting their vetting process where we picked up with Sarah Palin,” Davis said. "It's going to be less rigorous.”

"That’s assuming Trump confines himself to the choices Culvahouse vetted at all."

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One interpretation of today's events is that Manafort wants Pence-as he's not the obvious dumpster fire that Christie or Gingrich would be-but that Trump wants one of the two more flashy-but flawed-candidates.

Reports are saying that Trump offered Pence the job. Maybe that's true and now Trump has changed his mind. As it was put earlier, Trump is a groom with cold feet.

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