Friday, July 8, 2016

After Dallas Shootings, Joe Walsh Warns Obama, BLM to 'Watch Out'

So the cycle continues. I guess the one thing to be grateful about is that Walsh is a former Congressman:

"A former Tea Party congressman from Illinois sent a series of tweets on Thursday night blaming the fatal police shootings in Dallas on President Barack Obama and declaring a war on “black lives matter punks.”

"Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), who now hosts a nationally syndicated far-right radio show, posted a tweet warning that “Real America” was coming after Obama and Black Lives Matter activists at around midnight."

"The post has since been deleted, and Walsh posted another tweet shortly later insisting he wasn’t “calling for violence,” just for people to “defend our cops.”

As of Friday morning, his Twitter feed was still overflowing with posts blaming the president’s “words” and “BLM’s deeds” for the attack on law enforcement at the end of a Dallas Black Lives Matter protest. The attack killed five officers and wounded seven others. Two civilians were also injured in the attack."

"I wasn't calling for violence, against Obama or anyone. Obama's words & BLM's deeds have gotten cops killed. Time for us to defend our cops."

Ok. So we're not calling for violence against Obama or BLM, though they are responsible for the cops' deaths. Thanks for the clarification.

In fairness to Black Lives Matter, they are very clear in opposing any violence against police or anyone else.

"We all mourn the deaths of the officers who were killed on Thursday. Like Sterling and Castile, they did not deserve to die. But, even as we grieve, people should be cautioned not to spread misconceptions about the movement and allege any connections of it to the shooting in Dallas."

"Just because BLM denounces police killings of black people doesn’t mean members of the movement don’t care about the unjust death of police. You can (and should) care about black lives and care about cops at the same time.

"Let’s be clear: Black Lives Matter is an organization that spreads love, not hate ― and it condemns violence altogether. We should focus our energy on remembering those who have lost their lives to gun violence, both this week and every other. We must destroy vicious ideology that claims the Dallas shooting promotes a “race war” in any way. We must not compromise the integrity of a movement that deserves respect. We must figure out how to use our anger as fuel and identify actionable ways to bring about peace in a world where chaos seems to dominate. We must stand together in solidarity, even (and especially) as we mourn, to help spread unity and bring about peace."


  1. Matt Drudge wasn't that far off from Walsh: he ran a headline stating "Black Lives Kill!"

  2. I'd love to organize a BLAM! protest outside Walsh's home. Maybe BLAM! can be a part of the NRA.

    I just can't get the image out of my head: different armed minority groups marching with their loaded AR-15s in various bastions of disgruntled white conservatism:

    Blacks, Muslims, Jews, atheists, Satan worshipers (lol, sorry, I had to throw that in there), gays, Hispanics, Asians, communists, anarchists: all waving the NRA banner.

    Somebody out there would absolutely start shitting themselves, right?

    So many fun projects to finance if only I was a billionaire. =)

  3. LOL. The idea of arming everyone only sounds like a great idea if they think 'everyone' is white.

    This is why Reagan was pro gun control in 1968-the Panthers