Thursday, July 14, 2016

2012 v. 2016 Presidential Elections

I guess it comes down to how you want to see the glass: half empty or half full. She is trailing Obama by about 2 to 3 points but she leads in all four of these battle ground states by high single digits whereas Obama was up in two and behind in two and no race was more than a 3 piont difference.

"Battlegrounds: Clinton is running a few points behind Obama. Trump is running almost 10 behind Romney."

"RCP avgs 7/15/2012:

 CO: Obama 47, Romney 44 

FL: Romney 46, Obama 45 

NC: Romney 47, Obama 46 

VA: Obama 48, Romney 45

"New NBC/WSJ/Marist polls: 

CO: Clinton 43, Trump 35 

FL: Clinton 44, Trump 37 

NC: Clinton 44, Trump 38 

VA: Clinton 44, Trump 35 

July 5-11

I still think if the goal is winning then you'd rather be in Hillary's position than Obama's in 2012. And, look, the media is always going to spin things as negatively as possible.
Obama was an incumbent President then and the Beltway kept rubbing in that he couldn't break 50 percent. All in good time-he cracked it in September after the convention.

I think this will help Hillary a lot this year too. I mean the respective conventions will be like an old epic Greek battle of Unity vs. Disunity.

In other news, Ann Coulter warns Trump darkly that Mike Pence for VP will be his first mistake.

Again, the theme of Cleveland will be Disunity.

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