Friday, August 12, 2016

You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir

You have all this liberal bedwetting about her making appeals to Republicans, but all the handwringing is needless.

"Clinton's offer to Republicans on economic policy: Nothing. You get nothing. Nominate someone else next time."

"While Wooing Republicans, Clinton Sticks to Progressive Policy."

"What economic policy concessions might Hillary Clinton offer up to woo Republicans? If her speech Thursday in Warren, Michigan is any indication, the answer is: Nothing."

"In her first major economic address since her campaign began actively courting the Republicans turned off by Donald Trump, Clinton made no major pivot to the ideological center."

"Instead, Clinton reiterated several of the policy positions she adopted during her primary fight against Bernie Sanders, even while making a direct appeal to Independent voters and Republicans."

"Clinton didn't toy with entitlement reform or hint at grand bargains on deficit reduction. Instead, she talked about expanding Social Security, debt-free college, making corporations pay higher taxes, a public option for health care, raising the minimum wage, opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the concentration of wealth in "the top 1 percent."

I think all the storm and stress about TPP is way overdone. Overall, though she has a very liberal platform by any historical standard.

She's running the LBJ strategy. LBJ in 1964 was able to win over conservatives and Republicans fearful of a Goldwater Presidency without caving on his very liberal agenda.

But he didn't campaign on ideology but fitness for office, that Goldwater couldn't be trusted with his finger on the button, etc.

Yet he was the most liberal President in American history as he pushed through both civil rights reform and the Great Society.

Another thing you hear is that she won't be able to get any more done than Obama post 2010. Maybe she will. For one thing, the further Trump tumbles in the polls, the better chance of even flipping the House which some Democrats now see.

Even if the GOP retains the House-with likely a smaller majority-Paul Ryan may feel chastened and in need of cooperating with Hillary. Jennifer Rubin argues persuasively that this may happen.

My guess is that you have at least three GOP wings next year.

1. Donald Trump wing. Even if he loses in a landslide, the Trumpsters will blame the RNC and the Establishment GOPers for undercutting Trump and being responsible for his loss.

2. The Ted Cruz Tea Party wing. We'll see what this means for Cruz in 2018 assuming he runs-Rubin argues he may skip it and immediately throw his hat in the Presidential ring.

Sure the Trumpsters will blame him for the loss but the Tea Party wing will love him for snubbing Trump. There will be the big debate about who is to blame.

3. Finally the Paul Ryan Establishment wing which will argue that if the GOP wants to get back it will have to show the nation it can be a constructive governing party. Ergo, he will work with Hillary where at all possible-which has not been the case with Obama. 

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