Friday, August 5, 2016

Trump Campaign: The Fundamentals of the Economy are Strong

They're just having a great week, the bestest week ever:

"Despite flagging poll numbers in battleground states and feuds within the Republican Party, Donald Trump's campaign has been enjoying some "very good days" this week, one of the GOP's nominee's top aides said Friday."

“Specifically, as we talk about the last couple of days, they have been very good days. Mr. Trump has been driving his message. I think Hillary Clinton has been in a real bad spot with this Iran deal," senior communications adviser Jason Miller said during an interview with the "Kilmeade & Friends" radio show."

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You mean the part where Trump made up seeing a $500 billion dollar payment?

Things are going so well for him, he's actually desperate to endorse Paul Ryan now.

"CNN has confirmed Trump plans to endorse Ryan later today."

Indeed, this is the second thing Trump has reversed himself on: in one day.

"In effect, Trump admitted that a claim he had been making for days — including at a blustery rally yesterday — was pure invention. He’d said he had witnessed video of the $400 million cash transfer made by the United States to Iran, even though no such video existed. Now he’s admitting the video he saw was actually of the prisoner swap."

"This episode undercuts one of the most cherished assumptions about this race, one explicitly voiced by Trump and even entertained by some neutral observers: That Trump can win through sheer media dominance alone. In this particular episode, Trump gained enormous amounts of media attention by publicly hallucinating about video of the cash transfer. But did he really gain anything from all that attention, other than widespread ridicule, at a time when his poll numbers are tanking? Press coverage tends to get harsher when a candidate gets weaker, and that’s what this episode brought."

It's almost as if he hasn't rewritten all the political rules after all.

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