Friday, August 5, 2016

For the Beltway Press, Even Good News, is bad News for Hilary Clinton

The media is not happy. Hillary now has her largest lead of the election. This has been shown by all the major polls. She leads by 8 with Survey Monkey, 9 with CNN, 9 with NBC, 10 with Fox, and 15 with Marist.

The media doesn't like this one bit. They have had it in for Hillary Clinton for 24 years. They tell us again and again she is a terrible politician, a fatally flawed candidate. How do explain the fact that she has won almost every election she's ever run and is leading at least in the high single digits in this one?

Basically they agree with Trump: she's an affirmative action candidate who wins on gender alone.

The media is now trying everything to attack Hillary again. She held a press conference today. Of course they did nothing but throw spitballs.

Sharon Chabot:

"Hillary speaks to press. Press says welcome, talk to us more. 1st question: Why are you so distrusted and unlikable? Sigh..."

They ignore that her favorable numbers have actually gone up considerably post convention.

Meanwhile, there were the usual gotcha questions about the phony Emailgate scandal. CNN played that story at the top of its 2:00 pm broadcast as the biggest story in the world.

Politico is quoting Jill Stein on its front page to make sure it can amplify her and see if she can't dilute Hillary's numbers.

But this piece by Politico's Ben White takes the cake.

"July job surge could bring unpleasant fallout for Clinton."

Read more:

Sure. If the numbers had been bad this would have been good news for her. Oh wait.

The GOP has been urging Trump to hit her on the 'Obama economy' all week. Now the numbers debunk this talking point but this is: 'Bad news for Hillary Clinton.'

With the Beltway press, everything is bad news for Hillary Clinton. I'm sure when she wins in November that will be 'The worst thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton.'


  1. Mike, this article about why Trump supporters say they think they way they do is pretty good (it's mostly quotes from them):