Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Putin Supporters Often Joke About Opposition Leaders Being Killed

It's amazing: the similarities between Trump and Putin-and the aligned interests of the dictator and the would be dictator. Then there's the aligned interest of Julian Assange with Trump and Putin, but that's another whole conversation.

Trump has already brought a very illiberal energy into this campaign. Chants of 'Lock her up.' Jokes about Putin hacking her emails. His delegate calls for her to be shot for treason.

Now someone who knows a lot about Vladimir Putin, Gary Kasparov, has something to say:

"Putin's followers often "joke" about opposition leaders being killed. Posters with crosshairs, etc. Then they are murdered and it's no joke."

"Trump joking about someone shooting Hillary is sick & dangerous. It's how unbalanced people are inspired to murder. It trivializes violence."

"When a Putin regime critic or opposition member is murdered, Westerners say "Putin wouldn't do that! It makes him look bad!" As if he cares.

"It's not about giving the order to murder. Creating the culture of violence, hatred, & impunity is enough. Killing without consequences."

Kasparov does make a good point in the question about the understandable question of whether Trump is mentally ill:

"Mental illness" shouldn't be casually used. Serious medical conditions that millions live with deserve respect. Trump doesn't."

"I appreciate that point as I've meet some very good people who struggle with mental illness. I do acknowledge though with Trump, it's inevitable that his mental state is an issue."

Brian Beutler:

"How long till Trump gives another bad TelePrompTer speech and pundits act like enthusiastic parents proud their toddler just went potty?"

Clearly Trump meant defeat Hillary through political action:

"One guy just yelled “Kill her! Kill her!” at the Trump rally in NC."

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  1. I can't use twitter from this machine, but I noticed one of those dudes this morning responded to your assassination / putin tweet w/ something like "we can only hope" ... it would be funny to respond but put @FBI on the list. =)

    Maybe there's a special handle just for assassination tips! =)