Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Expanding the Map in Wisconsin

Just kidding. The map is being expanded in Georgia, Arizona, even Utah, even Kansas and Missouri but Wisconsin? Turns out it's not a swing state.

"Among likely voters in WI, Clinton 52%, Trump 37%, with 10% supporting neither. In July, it was 45%/41%/14%. #mulawpoll"

So Hillary is over 50% in Wisconsin among likely voters.

This is what expanding the map looks like:

"Kaine was in Texas yesterday. Bill Clinton is in Utah this week. Hillary Clinton writes a Utah op-ed."

"Scoop: Hillary Clinton is pitching Mormon voters with an op-ed in Utah's Deseret News. Will be published soon."

Yep, it's that time already. Trumpsters have an unskewed polls website already. It's August 10.

Still just under three months to go. Romney didn't have these till late October.

One in five GOPer wants Trump to drop out.

"Sean Hannity says, don't worry, Trump has more Twitter followers which means 'He could win in a landslide.'

Not count every vote, but every tweet.

Pennsylvania looks to be back in Hillary's firewall.

If so this requires Trump to run the table in other swing states.

"Again without Pennsylvania, it's nearly impossible for Trump to win."

"This is the only post-convention survey in NH. It had Clinton up 15. Clinton wins CO/VA/PA + NH she's over 270 …

What has to concern GOP strategists: Dem leads (for WH or SEN) are increasing when you go from RV to LV models"

Usually the GOP gains in moving to LV.

Meanwhile McGinty is leading Toomey by 4 in a new PA poll which is not surprising with Hillary up close to double digits in the state.

Feingold also up big in Wisconsin:

"Among likely voters, Feingold 53%, Johnson 42%. In July, it was Feingold 49%, Johnson 44%."

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