Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Morning Joe: Everyone Was Calling Me About Donald Trump's Mental Health Yesterday

This was what Morning Joe Scarborough revealed.

Everyone is now asking about Trump's basic sanity. Because he lies so much even after you've pointed it out to him again, again, and again.

My personal theory is that Trump is the child many call him. If you read his story, when he was a kid he'd be the one at birthday party's throwing cake at everybody. He has never stopped being that little boy.

Eugene Robinson asks: is Trump just plain crazy?

"During the primary season, as Donald Trump’s bizarre outbursts helped him crush the competition, I thought he was being crazy like a fox. Now I am increasingly convinced that he’s just plain crazy."

But that's the other side of it. You had all these Republicans vote for him. So this is a mass illusion. This is what's so hard for GOPers. Trump didn't just happen to them like blizzard just happens to us.

There was a trajectory of decisions and actions that got them here. If their supporters share these illusions the GOP encourage them in this direction for years.

When we talk about Trump, remember that many are complicit in his rise. The GOP. Also, the Beltway media.

Consider what CNN is doing now:

"WHOA: CNN contributor/former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski goes full birther on Obama college tscripts."

CNN is normalizing birtherism, in other words.

I do think Trump is out of touch with reality. But so are those who voted for him and the GOP and the media both have their own deep complicity.

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  1. Why doesn't somebody ask Lewandowski:

    And where are Trump's transcripts?

    The idea that CNN has that guy on the payroll is ridiculous! He's obviously signed a non-disclosure agreement with Trump and he's still on the Trump payroll! WTF?