Friday, July 1, 2016

Time for Some Traffic Problems in the Presidential Race

I always assumed even Trump wouldn't be this clueless. The Beltway has been trying to make hay about the claim that Thomas Kaine accepted gifts.

What is accepting gifts compared with Chris Christie's rap sheet? Or Trump soliciting money from foreign politicians?

But judging by reports, Democrats wildest dreams may come true-again. Trump was the wildest of the wild but this is up there.

"Defeated by Donald J. Trump in the 2016 primaries and derided by fellow Republicans for his subsequent embrace of Mr. Trump, Gov.Chris Christie of New Jersey has quietly emerged as one of the most influential advisers to his party’s presumptive presidential nominee and one of the leading contenders to be his running mate."

"Four months after endorsing Mr. Trump, Mr. Christie remains one of the few major figures in the Republican establishment to align himself entirely with Mr. Trump’s candidacy. In public, he has defended Mr. Trump’s freewheeling and sometimes offensive pronouncements, vouching for him even after Mr. Trump attacked a federal judge for his Mexican heritage. (Mr. Christie said he knew from personal experience that Mr. Trump was not a racist.)"

He, a white, powerful, very corrupt, New Jersey politician knows from first hand experience Trump is not a racist. He knows this how exactly? Trump didn't put on a sheet while they were hanging?

The KKK feels differently. They feel that Trump 'mainstreams' their movement. Just a coinki-dink?

How great would it be for Chris Christie to be Trump's VP? Let us count the ways. Actually, Jennifer Rubin already did.

Her number 7 is a good place to start: his own state hates him. Those who know him best, like him least.

Christie is dreadfully unpopular in New Jersey, giving rise to the dig that people who know him the best like him the least.

His latest is unlikely to make New Jersey like him better:

"Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday night issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency in New Jersey and directing his administration to prepare for an immediate shutdown of all state-funded transportation projects."

"The Republican governor said his order was the direct result of the Legislature's inability to agree on on a plan to raise the gas tax and create a new Transportation Trust Fund. The current TTF expired on Thursday night at midnight."

Read more:

Numbers 9 and 10 are pretty good as well:

"Christie bombed on the presidential campaign trail. Voters in essence already rendered a verdict on him."

"Christie’s raid on New Jersey’s state pension plan, while upheld by the state supreme court, only reinforces the picture that the Trump team is no friend of the working man and woman."

Of course, reason number 1 is obvious: Bridgegate.

“Bridgegate” gets replayed over and over. It’s one more handicap for the GOP in trying to go after Clinton’s ethical faults."

Here Rubin overplays the whole canard about Hillary's ethical faults. What is using a private email system as many in the State Department and other government offices have done compared to shutting down a major bridge to punish a political enemy?

Does he really get away with this lame 'I didn't know' stuff? Even if he didn't know, it hardly makes him sound qualified for office.

With Hillary it was ambiguity about workplace rules. With Christie it was conscious abuse of power-or if you insist, totally ignorant of the abuse of power in his own Administration which hardly makes you confident that he'd be better in the Oval Office.

Then again, Christie seems like a better pick when you realize the other top choice right now is Newt Gingrich.

Another guy in no position to talk about ethical lapses.

If you had Newt Gingrich going after Hillary Clinton on the Right wing conspiracy theories, it'd be proof that the GOP has progressed not one iota since the 90s. 

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