Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For Trump Family, History Repeats itself as Farce

It happened again. Just like with Melania, a lot of the talking heads were cooing over Donald Trump Jr's speech. Until the Daily Show outed him.

History repeats itself:

"Second time as farce"

This time the author stepped forward and explained it was from an article he himself had written.

Some think this absolves them.

"but he was charged with writing it, he can't use his own work for a client?"

Stuart Stevens:

"Undercuts credibility to so clearly have lifted words. Should have quoted from column if wanted to use it as written."

Basically just say this is where you get the quote from. Like I wouldn't say 'We have a rendezvous with destiny' I'd say 'As FDR once said, we have a rendezvous with destiny.'

You make it clear when it's someone else's words.

Ryan Lizza:

"Still sloppy after what happened yesterday and weird they didn't catch it."

Thing is, now the media will be checking. If the Trump family has ever had an original thought, now's the time to express it.

More from Stuart Stevens for those trying to give Don Jr. a pass.

Let me explain this. Writers, comedians, parents, can use own words. Over & over. It's when you sell them to others."

Don Jr. sure sounds like a regular guy.

"At dinner w our greenskeeper who missed his sister's wedding 2 work (luv loyalty 2 us) "No big deal hopefully she'll have another someday";)"
Tonight he was criticizing an 'aristocracy' as if that's not what he is in spades.


  1. Caleb Howe (at RedState) and Erickson both really liked Jr's speech, but both acknowledge that to even flirt with an accusation of plagiarism after the Melania debacle was a stupid move on the campaign's behalf.

    Fortunately Jr's speech isn't changing any minds about Sr (except that they wish Jr were running instead).

    Jennifer Rubin seems truly disturbed with the "lock her up" chants and general intellectual bankruptcy, ad nauseum repetitions of Benghazi and emailgate, and anti-immigrant scare mongering going on.

  2. Even Jeff Flake was bothered by that as is Ross Douthat

    1. What do you mean by "that?" Jr. plagiarism? Anti-immigrant stuff? "Lock her up" chanting?

    2. What do you think Clinton should do with that during her convention? Nothing? I wonder if they shouldn't explicitly call it out, should the crowd get over-heated with anti-Trump sentiment, perhaps the speaker at the time (whoever it is) should say something like:

      "Now now, settle down. We're not going to imprison Donald for our differences should we win. We're not a tin-pot dictatorship here."

      Something like that. Something designed to draw a contrast with the animalistic GOP, but not so strong so as to seem moralistic. It has to be aimed at the "man in the middle."

      What I'd REALLY like to say (if I didn't have to worry about winning an election) would be something along the lines of:

      "Now now, this isn't Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia: we don't have our political opponents sent to concentration camps or the gulags if we win. We aren't vindictive power mad raging animals!"

      ... that would be fun, but it's a little over the top.

    3. ... shoot, it's almost worth engineering something like that, don't you think? I know that's kind of dangerous territory, but I'm imagining a chant of "Lock him up! Lock him up!" getting going in the Dem crowd, but the speaker manages to tamp that down, and "be the bigger person" in contrast to the goons over in the GOP. Of course actually engineering such a thing might be a little dicey since it would be super embarrassing to have such a scheme revealed.

    4. What she should do is have some Trump U victims and the Art of the Deal Ghostwriter

      Of course, Trump has some very serious charges against himself.

    5. I think the Dem convention will have enough contrast without staging that particular scene.

  3. Douthat was truly repulsed by it

  4. So now even Erickson is going to go to Trump?

    It may be that the Hillary bashing will win over some recalcitrant GOPers

    1. No, he's still anti-Trump, but he liked Jr's speech:

      It was totally solid and smart to put him in prime time. If he were running for President, he sounds like a guy I could support. But alas he is not. His dad is. And I cannot support that guy. Put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig.

    2. I prefer "put your favorite condiments on a shit sandwich and it's still a shit sandwich."

    3. I don't know. Sounds like he's weakening

  5. BTW, did you see that Don King showed up, even though he wasn't invited to speak (despite the fact that Trump was in favor of giving him a speaking slot). I guess the others convinced him that he shouldn't give a speaking slot to someone who stomped somebody to death:

    King is mad at Preibus. Thinks he's a racist.

    I wish Sarah Palin would show up. Maybe they could put Sarah and King in the thunderdome and let them fight for a speaking slot. Nude. =)

    Did you hear Trump's explanation for why Sarah wouldn't be there? It's because Alaska is so far away. Lol... ... I'm sorry, I'm still having trouble accepting the fact that the GOP nominee **regularly** says such lame, stupid ass things! Why don't 95% of all citizens feel that kind of BS is just an insult to our intelligence?

    1. That's got to hurt if you're Palin though: you've been deemed too embarrassing (by the Trump campaign!) to be allowed to speak at Trump's convention. She's got to be looking at half the people up there thinking to herself "What do they have that I don't have???" ... Lol.

      I would **LOVE** to have heard the discussion in the Trump campaign about whether or not to invite Palin... I bet that was rich. Then I would have loved to hear somebody break the bad news to her. Or maybe they didn't break the bad news: maybe they just didn't call.

      Damn, I'm willing to give them credit for that at least: not inviting Palin. One of the only smart things the campaign managed to do.

      Does this mean that the GOP (and thus America in general) is finally ready to leave Palin in the dustbin of history? Damn, I hope so! It's about time.