Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Economic Policy Night Without any Economic Policy

Here is the only thing clear tonight: the GOP is not that unified. There remains a lot of division over Trump. However, the Republicans hate Hilary Clinton and will say anything to demonize her. 

But this was supposed to be economic policy night. I've yet to hear a single policy. Even bad ones like huge tax cuts for the rich and cutting domestic spending by 20 percent. Nothing. 

As I noted in my last post, people can't eat emails and the Benghazi report won't get anyone a raise.

"McConnell says this elex is about who is on ordinary Americans' side economically... ...then launches into diatribe about Benghazi/emails"

Perhaps this is what makes it a party of Trump now. The old GOP had bad economic ideas. This one has none.

Last night was the same thing. All we learned last night was that brown people are scary and that Hillary is a seriously evil bitch.

Tonight, we've heard about emails and Benghazi.

Of course, the talking heads always have to give us the false equivalence dance. Chris Matthews pointed out that the GOP has nothing good to say about Donald Trump they just talk about how much they hate Hillary Clinton.

This is true. But then he had to throw in the nonsense that the Dems are the same way. But this is not true. Yes, some of the Bernie supporters have found the pivot tougher than others-though most are voting for Hillary now.

But Hillary is running on actual policy positions. It's not just purely about emotional impulses and feelings.

The GOP in the least few years has barely been a party at all. What you see again is they agree on nothing except they hate Hillary.

This is not enough to unite a party to say nothing of a country.

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