Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In New Survey Monkey Poll, Hillary Gets 7 point Bounce, Leads 50-42

Donald Trump sometimes says things which aren't true. Hard to believe, huh?

He's been claiming to have gotten the biggest bounce in convention history which is not even close to being the case.

"Five new public surveys, each conducted over the weekend following Democrats’ national party convention, give Clinton a lead ranging from 3 to 9 points. Four of the five pollsters point to a clear Clinton bump, having found Trump ahead or down by only a single point the week before."

"What’s also clear is that bump exceeds the rise in support for Trump after his convention the week prior. While Trump called his bounce “the biggest bump in the history of conventions,” the best poll for him showed his support ticking up 6 points, while other polls showed no change or a nominal Trump boost."

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Survey Monkey poll:

"New NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Tracking Poll Clinton 50 Trump 42 Clinton got big DNC bounce Trump no RNC bounce."

She had a 1 point lead prior to DNC in Survey Monkey-1 point before the GOP primary too.

Meanwhile, she is leading in Utah. Yes, you heard right.

"Clinton+1 in Utah, per Hinckley Institute/Salt Lake Tribune poll."

Hence, Bill Clinton will be in Utah on August 11.

We saw yesterday the Gallup poll which showed that people are by 15%, less likely to support Trump after the RNC than before.

Literally, they'd have been better off not having a convention.

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