Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How Does Ted Cruz's Convention Snub Look Now?

There are reports that a lot of big donors are furious with him.

Still that was before the week in which he's

1. Urged Putin to hack and release Hillary's emails.

2. Attacked the family of Captain Khan for their religion: if they're Muslim they're sexist, and, oh, they want Islamic terrorists in the country.

The story of Trump escalating a fight with the Khans led to the biggest tv news story of the year.

3. Told a baby to shut up.

4. While the word is that Cruz has destroyed his career-which remains to be seen-for not endorsing Trump. Trump has totally sucker punched some leading GOPers who have endorsed him-and taken a lot of flak for endorsing him.

Kelly Ayotte still vows to vote for him after Trump called her a very weak candidate.

Being Ted Cruz might not look so bad now. At lest compared with the alternative. Someone should ask Trump about Little Marco.

Rich Klein:

"how does Ted Cruz's convention speech look tonight to the GOP?"

Tom Brown's buddy, Jennifer Rubin:

"well some of us said the suicide move was everyone not joining cruz."

Rick Klein reveals:

"Priebus "furious," per @jonkarl. Senior GOP officials "actively exploring" how to replace Trump on ballot if he drops out."

Klein does also say there's no mechanism to get rid of Trump unless he himself withdraws.

Which I don't want to see anyway. I'd like to see more GOPers unendorse him but he stays on the ballot and gets blown out.

Trouble is, he is already laying the seeds of attempting to create a constitutional crisis if he loses by claiming it was 'rigged.'

Reince called Trump yesterday to express concerns about course of campaign. more coming @GMA w @jonkarl shortly."

Jonathan Karl teases us on the latest in the Trump-RNC debacle.

Good morning, America. See you soon on @GMA -- I'll have news on the RNC/Trump meltdown."

In other news, Trump declares 'There is great unity in the campaign.'

Donald Trump's campaign has perhaps never been as unified as it is now, the Republican nominee tweeted Wednesday, amid a cascade of recent reports suggesting anything but internal harmony.

"There is great unity in my campaign, perhaps greater than ever before," Trump wrote, adding, "I want to thank everyone for your tremendous support. Beat Crooked H!"

Trump's first tweet of the day follows multiple media reports about discord and unease within his campaign, including the firing of at least two senior aides that POLITICO's Kenneth Vogel and Alex Isenstadt reported was an internal shakeup.

Citing a longtime ally of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, CNBC correspondent John Harwood tweeted Tuesday that Manafort is "not challenging Trump anymore. Mailing it in. Staff suicidal." Jason Miller, Trump's senior communications adviser, responded with a Federalist article critiquing Harwood's performance as a moderator at CNBC's debate last October.

Read more:

I don't think unity means what he think it means.

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