Monday, July 18, 2016

Is Trump Going to Speak Every Night at the Convention?

You can't help but wonder. For one thing most of the bigwig GOPers are out washing their hair tonight.

So there are a lot of slots to fill. Beyond this, Trump really prefers to do all the talking anyway as we saw again in last night's amazing 60 Minutes interview with Mike Pence.

Trump only cares about hearing himself talk. He seems to like hearing his family talk as well. He'll have them out this week.

Melania can again vouch that he's not Hitler-he just keeps the Fuhrer's speeches by the bed.

Ivanka can tell us her daddy is not a groper.

The Republican nominee for President needs his daughter to vouch that he's not a groper.

Last night he went out of his way to explain all the ways he doesn't need Mike Pence at all-for anything really.

Now we hear reports that Trump is talking tonight, the first night:

"Donald Trump says he will be at the Republican National Convention Monday night to watch his wife Melania Trump speak and hasn't ruled out delivering remarks of his own."

"The presumptive Republican nominee called in to Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” from New York for an interview Monday morning, but said he would fly to Cleveland in time to watch his wife address the convention."

"Donald Trump is not officially scheduled to speak until Thursday night and had previously ruled out speaking on all four nights of the convention. But Monday, Trump said he “may speak up” on the convention’s opening night."

“Well, I may speak up. To be honest, I want to see this,” he said when asked if he would be addressing the convention with his wife. “I'd love to be there when my wife speaks. So the answer is yes, I will be there.”

"The Manhattan billionaire went on to joke with the “Fox and Friends” hosts that he wanted to keep his attendance Monday night a secret."

“I just don't want to say it, so I'll keep it quiet, just among us, I'll be there. I want to watch. It will be very exciting.”

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Seems to me if anything it would be a bigger surprise that he doesn't talk tonight than that he does.


  1. I posted this same link on your prior post, but it really belongs here: very powerful piece on Trump from Jason Taylor:

    Taylor wonders what Trump's reading skills are (he's thinking he might be one of those guys who's barely literate, but covers for it with a host of psychological tricks). That's not the main thrust of the post, but it's an interesting theory.

  2. Interesting. I don't know if that's it, but I do agree that with Donald 'There's something going on' as he puts it.

    I've got to check this Jason Taylor out. LOL

  3. Alright, Tom, my new post quotes from Jason Taylor. LOL

    Mike Pence-and the voters-better watch their back with Trump