Saturday, July 16, 2016

Is Elizabeth Warren Still in the Game?

It would appear so. She met with Hillary on Friday along with Julian Castro and John Hickerlooper  of Colorado.

Hillary is now scheduled to reveal her pick next Friday-just after the Trump Convention.

In addition, her speaking slot has been moved from the first night of the convention.

"At some point today, a new version of the DNC speaker schedule was released, and suddenly Elizabeth Warren is missing from it. The popular Senator will obviously be speaking at the convention one way or the other, so her sudden removal from the non-running-mate speaker slot earlier in the week was seen as a new ray of hope for those who continue to hope for a Clinton-Warren ticket."

"Their hopes were boosted even further when Warren spent an hour at Hillary Clinton’s home that same day, in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s announcement of Mike Pence as his own running mate."

Warren has wasted no time going on the attack against Trump's VP Mike Pence. A guy even Trump is not so enthusiastic about.

"Elizabeth Warren zeroed in on Donald Trump's newly minted ticket with Mike Pence ahead of the Republican vice presidential announcement on Saturday, referring to the pair as "a perfect match," and the GOP platform as "hateful and disgusting."

"Warren, the Massachusetts senator who has played an attack-dog role previously as a potential vice presidential pick for Hillary Clinton, tweetstormed before Trump formally introduced the Indiana governor as his running mate in Manhattan. She went back and forth between criticizing the duo and the Republican Party's platform, which was hammered out in Cleveland this week."

".@realDonaldTrump & @mike_pence are a perfect match: Two small, insecure, weak men who use hate & fear to divide our country & our people," she tweeted.

Warren also hit Pence on his abortion stance: "OF COURSE @realDonaldTrump -- a guy who calls women fat pigs & bimbos -- picked a VP who is famous for trying to control women's bodies."

Warren continued by saying that Trump and Pence are "in line with the party platform," due to its "anti-choice" positions.

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Indeed. Trump wants to punish women for having an abortion. Pence wants to charge them for the fetus.


  1. They're only giving Warren 11% here, but Kaine is up slightly over 50%:

  2. I'm liking these odds of the Dems winning back the Senate as well:

  3. O/T: Mike: good news: one less Trump voter can make it to the polls:

    1. ... well that makes me sound like an ass, doesn't it? since he killed a bunch of people before he was caught. ... so let me clarify, it's good he was CAUGHT, not that he went on a killing spree. (And 10:1 odds he actually is a fan of Trump)

    2. ... he really doesn't strike me as a Hillary fan boy.

    3. ... it really makes me sick to see that guys tats. I have an idea for a short film. Some neo-Nazi prick like him gets "unstuck in time" (a la Kurt Vonnegut) and ends up in Nazi Germany... say 1944. He's overjoyed to be with "his people" and rips off his shirt in pure joy and so that his fellow Aryan's can appreciate his tats... but upon seeing his tatted up body, he's immediately informed on an arrested by the SS for defacing der Furer's image by using it as a tattoo. He's then brutally interrogated, accused of racial impurity, and put on the next cattle car full of Jews to Auschwitz. Kind of a mini-revenge fantasy. It would probably be a flop in Trump voter circles.

    4. ... in a final scene we see him dressed in filthy prison garb looking forlornly through the slats fo the cattle car, packed in tightly next to a bunch of other people that the real SS (not the fantasy one in his head) have determined are "his people" as it lurches off onto Auschwitz... where he's about to find out if his favorite website ("StormFront") was lying to him about the death camps being fake. You can see in his eyes that he has a sinking feeling they were lying to him.

      FINAL final scene: the camp commandant is bringing home a parcel for his wife. She smile at him and opens it excitedly... she's overjoyed! Just what she always wanted!... a human skin lampshade ... with swastika tattoos already on it! (so hard to find!).

    5. We've to work on driving down the KKK vote

  4. Tom, no one can accuse you of not having an very active imagination!

    It's funny, I've been thinking about possible movie ideas myself lately.

    That's not bad. Could make it a twilight zone movie. You know where you get what you want and regret it forever...

  5. Yes, I'd be more surprised if he's not a Trump fan.