Monday, August 1, 2016

Trump's Attack on the Khan Family's Religion is the Biggest TV Story of the Year

This is what's really ugly about how Donald Trump has responded to Khzir Khan's wonderful speech. His answer: to suggest that maybe Mrs. Khan didn't speak because of her religion shows that when Trump hears the Khans speak, he doesn't see a Gold Star family but rather uppity Muslims having the audacity to criticize 'Mr. Trump' in public.

This has turned into the biggest tv story of the year due to Trump's usual response of doubling and tripling down.

The biggest story in TV news today, except on one channel.

"This would've dissolved quick if Trump praised Capt. Khan early and moved on. Now it's blown up into top 2016 story."

The media has had this silly meme about Trump: he's Teflon, none of the absurd things he does hurts him.

So the media agrees he could shoot someone on Broadway in NY and his numbers would go up.

But this was true in the primary. It has not been shown to be true in the general. No doubt, there is that third of the country that Trump owns and who he will never lose. But 30 percent is not enough to win this, not even close.

And the spike in sales of pocket constitutions in the last few days suggests this is costing Trump something.

"A pocket version of the US Constitution has become a best-seller on after speech at DNC."

The Khans talk about how much positive response his speech and tv appearances have gotten.

Khzir Khan says it has restored his faith in Americans.

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