Sunday, August 14, 2016

If You Can't Decide Between Trump and Hillary, You've Got Some Real Problems

Certainly this expresses my sentiment, but the words are actually those of Tom Brown's favorite conservative writer at The Resurgent, Jason Taylor:

"If you can't decide between Trump and Clinton - you've got some real problems."

Sean Hannity:

"Question of the Day: What do you think of @HillaryClinton defending a man accused of raping a 12-yr-old girl? Weigh in using #Hannity."

Jason Taylor responds:

"How are you not ashamed of yourself?"

Easy. The man has no sense of shame. Keith Olbermann:

"Hey @seanhannity remember when you would tell me in the hall at ABC Radio you were amazed anybody believed you since it was just theater?"

Newsweek has a message for Trump:

"Dear @realDonaldTrump, Can you provide the American public with a redacted copy of your IRS audit letter? Regards"

More Keith Olbermann:

"I almost feel sorry for @RealDonaldTrump having to go on a fascist rant in this heat. No I don't. Just drop already #HisStruggle"

I do miss his show. Remember the 'Worst Person in the World' awards every day?

"How could anyone else win in with Trump running around though? I guess also Julian Assange, and Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus for putting partisanship above the very future of the country would all be contenders."

Maybe Trump voters could win a few nights.

More Olbermann.

"Hey @RealDonaldTrump when Ari Fleischer is telling you to STFU about "media bias"...STFU about "media bias" #Dipshit"

In other news, ISIS thinks Trump wasn't being sarcastic and it agrees with Trump:

"Hezbollah leader supports Donald Trump's recent claim that U.S. administration created ISIS. Trump has said comment was sarcastic."
Former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani continues to cover himself in glory:

"Rudy: Trump makes 'insensitive comments' cause he's not polished politician … or because he's an insensitive jerk"

Well then score one for politicians: they don't make lots of insensitive comments. Like Scott Sumner says, maybe politics is an area you actually want politicians in.

We keep hearing that Trump is Teflon, he makes all these wild, offensive comments and he's not hurt at all in the polls. Then we see him tied in Utah, tied in Indiana, losing in Georgia, at 32% in Colorado, under 40% in many swing state and national polls; he's trailing in North Carolina-which Romney won-48-39. 

Yep, if he weren't Teflon he'd be in real trouble. 

Meanwhile, Scott "Landslide" Adams, super-genius of 3 dimensional chess argues that Trump has the media right where her wants it by repeatedly calling Obama 'the founder of ISIS.'

It only seems to us lesser minds that this was a disaster-after all, the President's approval rating is 20 points ahead of Trump. 

No, it's like everything else Trump does, super-genius. 

In other news: Landslide super-genius has blocked me on Twitter. I wonder if Tom Brown is also blocked. The name Scott "Landslide' Adams super-genius at 3 dimensional chess is actually Tom's coinage. 

But we were both tweeting it in Adams notifications. Super-geniuses sure are thin skinned. Trump and Scott Adams sure have a lot in common.

I notice that lately Adams also keeps his comments section disabled. 


  1. Adams has sort of hedged his bet recently. In a piece a few days back he stated that Hillary has hired someone to help her improve her message. He thinks that her choice to attack Trump as scary is "weapons grade" persuasion.

    Again I think he gives Trump way too much credit. Yes Trump certainly knows how to stay in the conversation and has gotten a lot of free attention with his outrageous commentary but unless he actually gets more people to vote for him because of it he will not win in a landslide. Your "persuasion" needs to attract voters in order to become president. He is repulsing voters. Without a lot of help, like some piece of damning info on Hillary, Trump will go down with maybe the worst electoral college defeat ever.

    The truth is that in that above case a rejection of Hillary is NOT an endorsement of Trump and anyone crediting Trump for such a win would be guilty of the worst kind of "confirmation bias" ....evahhhh!!

  2. Yes I saw the hedge you speak of Greg.

    But Tom Brown and I were razzing him and now I'm blocked. I'm trying to find out if Tom is too.

  3. Trump's strategy was very good in the primary. Trouble is it's the kiss of death in the general