Sunday, August 14, 2016

WTF? Trump and Hillary Tied in Indiana?

Clearly Mike Pence is doing a great job.

"Indiana GE: Clinton 44% (Tie) Trump 44% Internal Dem/Gregg Poll Romney won IN by 10% (Via @DieGo2SHAE)"

I mean you can argue what you think a VP brings to a ticket but if Trump is tied with Pence on it what would the number be without him? Worse? Or does Indiana not love Pence so much?

"Mike Pence had two distinct political periods. The first came in 1988 and 1990 when he lost two 2nd CD races to U.S. Rep. Phil Sharp. The second came in 2000 when he won an open 6th CD seat that helped ignite a seven-election winning streak, resulting in six terms in the U.S. House and one as Indiana governor."

"The Hoosier bicentennial year put Pence on a different trajectory. The most ideological modern Indiana governor positioned himself for a tough reelection rematch with Democrat John Gregg. Polling by WTHR-TV and Howey Politics Indiana as well as Bellwether Research had him mired in the 40th percentile with narrow head-to-head leads over Gregg, while his reelect languished at 36%, as his job approval and fav/unfavs were moored in the lower 40% range. Pence could have been reelected, but when Donald Trump picked him out of a tiny pool of Republicans willing to take a chance on the Trump ticket, Gov. Pence made what many believe was a career-saving leap right on to the edge of the straight razor."

"This past week, with national and state polls showing the Trump/Pence ticket quickly regressing, including NBC/Wall Street Journal swing state surveys in Florida (Clinton up 44-39%), Virginia where Clinton is up 13%, Colorado with Clinton up 14% and North Carolina where the Democrat leads 48-39%, it has become a widespread notion that a landslide, a tsunami, a blowout (however you want to call it) is in the works. This comes atop the Clinton campaign deciding to make a play for red states such as Utah, Arizona, and Georgia."

"Even more astonishing, informed and reliable sources tell Howey Politics Indiana that an internal Gregg poll has Clinton and Trump tied in Indiana at 44%. After endorsing U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in the Indiana primary only to watch Trump nail him 53-36%, the specter of Pence losing his home state in what would likely be a 50-state blowout is a career-jarring prospect. Trump seemed to acknowledge a “tremendous problem” in Utah. He was asked by CNBC how he planned to reverse the trend, Trump responded, saying he simply planned to do “the same thing I’m doing right now. At the end, it’s either going to work, or I’m going to, you know, I’m going to have a very, very nice, long vacation.”

"Sifting out in the national press came word that Pence and his team are already looking beyond Nov. 8."

I'm having a lot of trouble in Indiana. In other news, Trump was in Connecticut last night. No, he doesn't have a shot in the state.

Trump to Connecticut. Why? The answer is simple: the campaign has no clue what it is doing."

"Just found a Connecticut poll taken after the conventions that had the GOP prez nominee ahead... Problem for Trump is the poll is from 1988."

Mike Pence may not be helping Trump put Indiana away, but he is offering him a better example.

Mike Pence says he is filing his tax returns and will make them available to the public, even as his running mate Donald Trump refuses to do so.

"When my forms are filed and when my tax returns are released it’s going to be a quick read," the Republican vice presidential nominee said Saturday on WABC Radio's "Election Central with Rita Cosby." "The Pences have not become more wealthy as a result of sixteen years in public service. There's been a lot of sacrifices, we're a middle class family, and it’s been a tremendous honor to serve as I am as Governor of Indiana, and my years in the Congress, and we'll look forward to making all that information available."

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Great. Now when is Trump releasing his?

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