Thursday, January 28, 2016

What if They Threw a Kid's Table Debate and Only Carly Fiorina Shows Up?

We may know the answer to this question soon as it now appears she may be the only one there as her two KT opponents-Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee-say they will attend Trump's veteran event instead.

"Tonight’s republican debate was expected to follow the usual format of a headlining debate in primetime for the top several candidates in the polls, along with a second-tier debate for a group of also-ran candidates who are trying to fight their way back into the mix. But now that a handful candidates including frontrunner Donald Trump have pulled out of tonight’s debate in protest, the only candidate still scheduled to appear in the undercard debate is Carly Fiorina. So what are they going to do now?"

"If debate host Fox News and the republican party have made up their minds about how to handle this bizarre development, they’re not saying yet. The second-tier debate was officially scheduled to consist of Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum. But now Huckabee and Santorum say they’re both attending Trump’s alternate campaign event instead. That means, barring a last minute change in the lineup, Carly Fiorina may be the only one taking questions from the moderators, in effect debating herself."

"There are a few ways in which Fox can resolve this. One would be to promote Carly Fiorina to the main stage debate, effectively giving her the spot vacated by Donald Trump, though it would technically be a violation of the guidelines. Another would be to allow Fiorina to use the entire undercard block for a sit down interview, but that would no doubt cause other candidates to cry foul. We’ll find out in two hours whether Fox News really intends to let Fiorina stand out there and debate herself."

They say Trump is a brilliant strategist but you know who doesn't look so brilliant right now? Roger Ailes.


  1. ... I keep thinking of Sumner's words: biggest humiliation of a political party he can recall in his life-time. Maybe we can bring back the Whigs! Lol.

    Now this is some juvenile crap, but kind of funny:^tfw

  2. Sorry Tom.Checked the link and it didn't work

    1. Shoot... I don't know where I found it. It's a twitter feed of pics/memes of Megan Kelly and Trump's wife. All very insulting.