Thursday, January 28, 2016

You Don't Have to Watch the GOP Debate Tonight to Know Who's Winning

For me to not watch a Presidential debate.. I mean that doesn't happen too much.

Tonight I haven't watched. I went into my reasoning here.

But what it came down to is first and foremost a desire to stick it to Roger Ailes and his network.

Also, not to give what Trump's call the losers any air time-Jeb, Rubio, or for that matter Ted Cruz.

I followed Right wing radio host Howie Carr's live tweeting and what we seemed to have was mostly a whole lot of nothing.

Cruz tried to repeat his whining over the moderator questions again. Sure, now Fox News are a bunch of 'moonbats' as well, right?

Cruz started the night off by making fun of Trump. So even with Trump AWOL, the debate that he didn't attend is all about him.

No-show Trump dominates GOP debate

Rival Ted Cruz opens up the primetime Fox event with a mocking impression of the Republican poll-leader.

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In watching Trump's wing ding, I have to admit. The part where he had a few Afghanistan vets come in and give speeches really was pretty touching.

Ok, it's' true we have no idea what veteran's groups Trump is actually donating to-he claims to have raised $5 million today and had a guy speak who said he had personally donated $1 million.

But listening to these guys really was kind of touching and inspiring. The talked about vets being strong and fighting back against depression; suicide is a real problem for vets.

One vet talked about not letting the Taliban win by killing yourself. Wow. Some earth shattering stuff.

After he spoke Trump asked isn't this event better than the GOP debate and everyone of course screamed yes. But I do have to agree.

True, I'm watching this largely to spite Ailes and the GOP Establishment-doing my part to see Trump's' ratings kill Fox's. But that was pretty moving.

If nothing else these vets who have done so much for our country get some exposure and maybe have raised some awareness. That's better than Jeb try to convince us his energy level is fine.

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