Sunday, January 31, 2016

They Don't Want You to Nominate a Democrat Who Can Win

I have to give this one to Melissa Harris-Perry. She referenced  the rapper DJ Khaled's shtick where he says 'They don't want you to enjoy your lunch'-with the challenge that: you enjoy your lunch. They don't want you to enjoy your Obamacare-so the challenge to you is to enjoy your Obamacare.

The idea is you always run against a certain 'they' who doesn't want you to do something. So what is it that they don't want you to do regarding Hillary Clinton?

H-P argues that what they don't want you to do regarding Hillary they don't want you to choose a Democrat that can win.

She's right though I could add. They also don't want you to be excited about electing a Democrat who can win. They don't want you to think of electing a first female President as a big deal.

And it's not hard to see who the 'they' is here.

1. The Republican party who is spending a great deal of money to take her down while actually trying to defend Bernie.

2. The Beltway media who has had it in for HRC since the first time she appeared on Diane Sawyers in 1992.

3. The Emoprogs who wanted to primary Obama in 2012 and who piously declare 'The lesser of two evils is still evil.'

They want a politics of purity which has never existed before.

So our job, starting tomorrow in Iowa is to not let them deny us a Democrat who can win, and who I believe is destined to succeed and build on the Presidency of Barrack Obama.

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